Koch's big plans for NC and 12 other states

Alternet has a piece this morning that looks at the Koch brothers battle plans for 2014. North Carolina is on a list of 13 states where they'll be focusing during the next election cycle - at least that's what can be determined from the offices the Koch's are opening up and the hiring they're doing.

The Koch's are also going to be focusing more on social media and the Internet and less on traditional broadcast media, following a larger trend in campaigning.

There's some new PACs to look out for that will be spreading the Koch's toxic ooze over the state:

*The 60 Plus Association. Founded in 1992, it tries to be the right-wing version of the American Association of Retired persons, or AARP. The Post found that it spent $4.6 million on ads against Obama, Obamacare and House Democrats in 2012.

• American Commitment. Run by a Fox News columnist, it calls for making Obamacare voluntary, opposes minimum wage increases, and is anti-regulatory, pro-fracking, anti-tax and pro-property rights. It urges people to sign a pro-ALEC petition, referring to the American Legislative Exchange Council, which drafts and distributes pro-corporate bills to state legislators to push in their home states. In 2012, it spent nearly $1.9 million on ads attacking Obama and Democrats and has online petition drives against Obamacare and in support of the Keystone XL pipeline.

• American Future Fund. This Iowa-based nonprofit spent more than $25 million on ads against Obama and congressional Democrats in 2012, the Post said, saying that $63 million of its $68 million came from money transfers from others in the Koch network. It has attacked the Internal Revenue Service and Federal Election Commission for going after its apparent violations of federal non-profit tax and election laws.

• Generation Opportunity. This group ran a national get-out-the-vote effort for the GOP in 2012 that emphasized high youth unemployment rates, the Post said. Its issues were opposing Internet taxes and privatizing student loans, its website said.

Unanswered, of course, is how much North Carolina's own Art Pope will be contributing to the Koch's efforts in 2014 and how the Popester will decide to throw his money around with foundations, stinktanks, campaigns, and dark money PACs over the next few months.