LaRoque fumbles the ball on damage control

"Those Lefties are picking on me!"

A state lawmaker said Tuesday that he is the victim of a "hit piece" in a liberal-leaning publication over the way he runs two nonprofits. NC Policy Watch ran a story two weeks ago about a two-month investigation of the East Carolina Development Co. and Piedmont Development Co., which are operated by Rep. Stephen LaRoque, R-Kinston.

Well, considering neither Less-than-he-appears-to-be Merritt nor Civitas' Don Carrington (claims to have brought down Jim Black) seem to be interested in, you know, government corruption enough to pursue a Republican, someone's gotta do it. Sarah is a bonafide, roll-up-your-sleeves investigative journalist, not a "hit-piece"-er, and LaRoque knows it. Which is why he's scrambling.



There's a lesson in here about Thom Tillis and sow's ears, but I can get close enough to figure it out because of the stink.

Tillis to the rescue?

Caught this Tweet a few minutes ago:

BJMurphyKinston 7:45am via engage121 Looking forward to hosting NC House Speaker Thom Tillis today in #Kinston for a Legislative Town Hall. King's Restaurant at 12. #ncga #ncpol

Here's a question that should be asked by somebody in attendence, even if it's not a reporter: "Are you going to ask for Representative LaRoque's resignation?"