Larry Kissell op-ed

Our beloved Lovex7 sent me an email and asked that I post this letter here at BlueNC. Here is part of the letter but follow this link to read it all.

As a candidate, I promised to never vote to cut Medicare. I believe promises must be kept, even when it is not easy. In keeping my promise to defend Medicare, it is impossible for me to support the current health-care bill. Though I believe in reform, it must not be achieved at the expense of senior citizens.

I was an original co-sponsor of a bill to repeal the antitrust exemption health insurance companies have enjoyed for 65 years. This exemption has kept insurance prices artificially high. When the Senate passes this bill, we will see premiums go down as competition increases. I remain committed to commonsense, reality-based health-care reforms without sacrificing care for our most vulnerable citizens: seniors, the terminally ill and the disabled.

After reading the letter, please remember to read the comments, they are well worth your time.


The comments are priceless

thanks for posting this.

I'm hoping to have Kissell's primary opponent, Nancy Shakir, here for a live-blog this coming Sunday. Will keep you all posted.

He's wrong on both counts

Not only does health reform not come at the expense of seniors, there is little evidence that repealing the anti-trust exemption for health insurance companies would significantly reduce premiums.

Kissell has trouble explaining why he objects to the Medicare changes. He told me that he doesn't object to cuts in the Medicare Advantage subsidy. He can't really object to the bulk of the Medicare savings, which come from market basket updates to inpatient facilities, because hospitals agreed to those changes.

He is basically left objecting to a small cut in Medicare payments to home health care agencies, which would happen with or without health reform.

His vote is motivated by politics, not policy.

Toot your own Horn

So this is what it sounds like when you toot your own horn....the morning after the vote.

Go, Nancy

Thanks Momo. I'm computer challenged


Politics, not policy

It is unfortunate, because as the President has been saying a lot lately, good policy is good politics.

Opinions turn favorable on health care plan

WASHINGTON — Americans by 9 percentage points have a favorable view of the health care overhaul that President Obama signed into law Tuesday, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds, a notable turnaround from surveys before the vote that showed a plurality against it.

And we are seeing a turn around.

"In the latest NEWSWEEK Poll, the majority of Americans are opposed to President Obama's health-care reform plan—until they learn the details."

Which maybe is because, as past polling suggested, is that the more people learned the specifics of the reform the more they liked it, and with it passing and being signed there have been a lot of media attention on the good that it does.

Or maybe its just because people like to be on the winning side.

On the March 14-16 period the president's job approval rating was 46%, today its 51%. It is probably too soon to tell if that is going any where, since hes been hovering around 50% forever, but I'm betting that people like a winner and like Democrats getting something done.


When your president is a Democrat and he asks all of the Democrats to meet with him in the Capitol the night before the vote, you are supposed to go unless you are in a coma. Oh, yeah. Maybe you don't consider yourself a Democrat.


Go Nancy Shakir!!!

I'm hoping she's as good as Kissell was suppose to be....

(PS - Lovey, everyone is computer challenged at one time or another) :)

Question for Kissell's office

Is the Congressman joining the ranks of those pushing for repeal of health insurance reform?

We'd appreciate a straight answer.

Oh, you will get a straight answer

You will get a straight answer to your question juuuuust as soon as he figures out what is politically expedient for him considering re-election. Not before, me thinks.

This Isn't His Only Vote That Has Upset Me

but it is the biggest. The first one was the mortgage bankruptcy bill. What was his reason for voting NO on Cap & Trade. I have forgotten. The whole thing has been like a kick in the stomach.

BTW, Larry. How much lint did you get in your hair working in the office? Mill worker sounds good, but you need to let every body know that you actually worked in the office. Big difference.


He didn't tell me

A former staffer told me.


Larry has my vote!

Larry Kissell did the right thing. He not only has my vote, but my support with his re-election campaign. Go Larry!

That would be reason enough

to vote against him. Let me know how much money you're giving him and I'll double down for Nancy.