Larry Pittman is a big, fat hypocrite.

GOP NC House Rep. Larry Pittman is a big fat hypocrite. He says he opposes abortion -- yet he is trying to destroy the one organization that prevents more abortions than any other organization in North Carolina.

Last week, it was revealed that several months ago, in the midst of a funding debate, Rep. Pittman called Planned Parenthood "... a murderous organization... getting wealthy on murder for hire... Never will I agree to give that bloody, indecent, immoral organization one penny. I will not be satisfied until it is outlawed." Learn why he's a big, fat hypocrite for saying this after the jump.

This well-publicized, grandstanding orgy of moral self-satisfaction came about as Rep. Pittman was attempting to bring Planned Parenthood to its knees by cutting off all state funds allotted to it for its health services, even though, in many rural counties, women have no other healthcare options. Instead of folding up shop and leaving North Carolina's women to fend for themselves, Planned Parenthood went out and secured a direct federal grant for four times the amount they lost from the state -- thus making Pittman and those who backed the successful attempt to defund Planned Parenthood look like a bunch of idiots.

What the federal government knew, but neither Rep. Pittman nor his compatriots will ever say publicly (because it exposes them all as big, fat hypocrites) is that only 3% of Planned Parenthood's services involve abortion. The other 97% go to preventing the need for abortion, including family planning and contraceptive services that head off unwanted pregnancies as well as health screening services that help women avoid being put in the position of having to decide whether to continue a pregnancy that puts their life in danger. In fact, last year alone, Planned Parenthood provided contraceptive services to over 61,000 women in North Carolina - that's a whole lot of unwanted pregnancies averted.

If Rep. Larry Pittman and the other lawmakers who joined him in attacking Planned Parenthood were really against abortion, they'd be throwing money at Planned Parenthood, not defunding it.

I'm tired of people who pretend to be against abortion blocking the most effective ways to prevent it. Join me in calling them what they are: big, fat hypocrites who like to climb on their moral high horses in hopes we won't notice what big, fat hypocrites they are. You can email Rep. Pittman at Let him know you don't appreciate his attempts to cut off the single most effective organization in North Carolina when it comes to preventing abortion.

Further proof that Rep. Larry Pittman is only using his opposition to Planned Parenthood as a political prop? Last January, Pittman sent the entire NC General Assembly an email calling for public hangings to be reinstated as "a deterrent to crime," specifically for "abortionists," rapists, murderers and kidnappers. Nice. Let's show our respect for life by making a public spectacle of taking it away. But what more can we expect from someone who voted for a budget that strips children of a decent education and lets them go hungry while cutting off vital services to our seniors (HB 950)... who endorsed a bill that makes it okay for the color of a person's skin to determine whether they live or die (SB 416)... Who opened the door to poisoning our water table and affecting the health of millions (SB 820)... who cut off any hope for thousands of low-income students trying to lift themselves out of poverty through higher education (HB 7).... and who refused to vote for giving forced sterilization victims promised compensation (HB 947).

Respect for life indeed.

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Max Baucus—Chair Senate Finance Comm—70% poll for Public option--
Bill hit his comm--- first act—removed public option for debate
shocked me—I trusted him. Zap. Report=he had $1,900,00 in his campaign kitty from health care industry..

The millions spent by thousands of Lobbyists expect favors. Buy them.

We need a Washington revolution and kick all out

Obama lost me with Gay Marriage. Totally disgusted. I am in a position I trust no one in Washington. I know few are very good but $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ BUYS ANYONE

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ OUT OF GOVERNMENT------ QUICK

NYT had superb article on Wall Street employees going into many many many government jobs in Congress and White House

They left for a much lower paying job.
Conclusion—Wall Street biggies are placing them in positions to make decisions for Wall Street.
Pay under table or? Many have done this. Worked in Wash for few years then back to Wall street into a higher paying job

This is sad sad. RULES MUST CHANGE

NO $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ IN WASHINGTON

NYT had article on Interconnectivity between Board Of Directors in WSA firms
You vote for my pay+pension I vote for yours

5 big banks own 50% of deposits in 7000 banks and 10 own 80%

Restate Glass Steagall---separate Casinos from local banks

County Banking Systems—local wealth kept local to create more local wealth and jobs
WASHINGTON SOLUTIONS (Congress + White House)
Requires overturning Corp is a person
1. fed fund election—6 mos-3 primary 3 general—free equal tv time—debate a week=12=adequate to evaluate candidates NO $$ =O
2. Since they will not need campaign funds Ban them from receiving anything of a financial value this closes K St.
3. Progressive Flat Tax by group—We have the income to pay our way-do it
We rank #2 as lowest taxed in OECD nations. We have an income of $14,00 billion yet tax 2400 and borrow 1300. Dumb?

clarence swinney

Durn Tax & Spend Democrats---R war cry for years

Republican policy—Spend & Borrow=kids pay tomorrow
Democrat policy—Spend & Tax=pay your way today
Fact Check:
1980-2009—3 R presidents added 9000B to a 1000B Debt
Jobs—The 3 got 99,000 jobs per month
Carter + Clinton got 222,000 per month
Bill Clinton left Bush a 240B surplus.
CBO predicted a 10,000B surplus in 2010 were we to continue Clinton policies.
Bush two unfunded wars; huge tax cuts; unfunded Medicare Part D
took Debt(9-30-01) from 5800B to 11,900 (9-30-09) or 6100B increase-(Doubled)
CBO credits Bush “new” programs for 5100B and Obama “new” programs for 1400B
in debt increase 2001-2010.

Do we want a Romney repeat of that record?

clarence swinney