Let the speculation begin

Gary Pearce wrote a thoughtful post yesterday about the need for a new leadership pipeline on the left in North Carolina. Lots of people have been saying that for years, but Pearce has an insider's view that I respect ... with names attached.

Josh Stein: Rose to Minority Whip after just two years in the Senate. Focuses on education, infrastructure and innovation. Has vision and proven, practical political skills. He raised more than $400,000 this cycle, more than any other Democrat in the legislature.

Deborah Ross: An effective advocate in the legislature for the past decade. Hard-working, smart and tough. Will be an important leader in the House with the vacuum created by Joe Hackney's departure

Anthony Foxx: Mayor of NC's largest city, which is no longer a curse. Put on a great convention; delivered when the spotlight was on.

Eric Mansfield: Great resume – doctor, minister and soldier. In just one term, impressed Democrats and Republicans alike. Ran unsuccessfully for Lieutenant Governor, and some people now talk about him for new party chair.

I don't know Foxx or Mansfield, but from my experience, Gary's comments about Josh and Deborah are right on the money. These folks will be among the most critical players in the resurrection of progressive public policy in North Carolina.


Is Tom Fetzer gay?

Speaking of speculation, I had to laugh when I read this article about Google/Bing in the Times this morning.

Frequently asked questions include: When will the world end? Is Neil Armstrong Muslim? Was George Washington gay?

Try it. Type the following into your search engine and see what happens.

Is Tom Fet

Is he? Only teh Google knows.

PS Does anyone actually use Bing?

I don't use Bing

Maybe it's me, but I can never find what I'm looking for there. As much as I hate to be dependent on one particular brand of anything, Google is my main research tool.

Is Eric Mansfield really on the "left"?

For that matter is Anthony Foxx?

How do both of them feel about "collective bargaining", or many other items contained in the NCDP Platform?

Remember - these are elected public officials who happen to be registered Democrats, not elected Democratic Party officers (although some are ex-officio SEC/CEC members).

They may not speak for the Party - we speak for ourselves! Many times, elected public officials have their own agenda. It's time that they support the Party platform if they want the support of the Party officers and delegates.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting