Let's help Speaker Tillis out

Straightening out those pesky campaign finance reporting issues:

"There's no effort to hide anything. All this will be covered in an amended report. Some information didn't get there quickly enough," said Jordan Shaw, a Tillis spokesman.

In the meantime, here's one of them:

PO BOX 130
Individual Contribution 1 Check $2500.00

The employer would be International Internet Technologies, an out-of-state video gambling concern that's been suing the state for years:

In early 2008, two companies sued in Guilford County Superior Court. Internet International Technologies (IIT) and Hest Technologies said their games fit within the confines of what was then the state’s gambling laws.

Superior Court Judge John O. Craig III agreed at the time. The case wasn’t settled, but Craig issued an injunction preventing law enforcement from making arrests in certain locations running IIT and Hest machines.

In the summer of 2008, the General Assembly tightened the state’s gambling statute to try to stamp out the machines. But the companies went back to court and once again convinced Craig agreed that they were likely to win at trial.

For about two years, that’s how things stood. The sweepstakes machines spread throughout the state, taking advantage of what was a legal gray area.

Then this summer, the General Assembly passed House Bill 80. (link) The measure was a fairly sweeping ban, making illegal anything that looks like video poker. You can click here (link) to read the exact language.


Which, if it hasn't already been repealed, will probably get chopped fairly soon. You can't leave these big-money donors hanging forever, if you know what I mean.