Let's make 2013 the year we start to #RebuildNC

TWO THOUSAND TWELVE was a difficult year for public investments in North Carolina. We saw even more cuts to vital services on which the entire state depends, and the inadequate funding so many of our schools and other public structures have suffered through since the start of the Great Recession has become the new baseline by which some NC lawmakers will judge future spending decisions.

To kick off 2013, and to make a little noise ahead of the coming debate over how to reform our tax system, we at Together NC will spend this week posting on our Twitter & Facebook about how our lawmakers must stop tearing down, underfunding, and underserving our critical public investments and start to #RebuildNC. Will you give us a hand by retweeting or sharing some of our content this week?

As many of you already know, the General Assembly and our soon-to-be Governor are already considering radical proposals, based on disproved theories, that will shift the load off of the wealthy and onto middle and low-income families. Revenue “modernization” of this sort will not get us back on track, and will only be good for the most well-off few – not all of North Carolina.

Stopping proposals like this, and pointing our state back in the right direction, has to start with you. That’s why we’re asking you to make a simple New Year’s resolution to do everything you can to fight against these harmful plans – whether it’s calling your legislators, attending a rally, or educating your neighbors – and help guide lawmakers back to policies that will help us REBUILD NC.

Thanks for your help.