Let's make it three, Governor!

Governor McCrory has done the right thing by vetoing ag-gag and religious discrimination. There are a few more things that need attention - the environment, voting rights, education, expanding Medicaid .... The top of my list: the latest attack on access to abortion.

Attention to this bill has mostly focused on the proposed 72 hour waiting period - which is medically unnecessary and insulting to women who are totally capable of making their own moral decisions without intrusion from politicians.

But the big problem with this bill is is the mandate that only board certified obstetricians and gynecologists are allowed to perform abortion. Current law requires a licensed physician, but does not limit it to Ob/Gyns.

Here in NC family medicine doctors and other physicians perform abortions - and in some states physician assistants and nurse practitioners do as well.

Despite the images that many of us carry in our minds, abortion is a very low-risk medical procedure. There is no precedence for limitations on which kinds of health care providers can provide which services - including vasectomy and child birth. The only reason to limit abortion practice to Ob-Gyns is to reduce the number of abortion providers, limit access, and drive up the cost.

Every woman deserves access to high-quality, compassionate, nonjudgmental care provided by qualified providers. HB 465 does nothing to make this happen.

To top it all off Governor McCrory made a campaign promise that he would not sign any new abortion restrictions into law. He's broken that promise once. This time he should keep his word.



I've decided to share your enthusiasm

at least for a few days. To do that, I have to ignore McCrory's recent history, as well has his years of lying about his finances. But who knows ... stranger things have happened.

McCrory's just worried...

... about the next race for the Governor's office. It will be during a Presidential election cycle when more liberal voters will be out at the polls. He's hoping he can pick up moderates from Roy Cooper.

The problem McCrory will face will be the Republican primary. Increasingly, that's attracting the most extreme block of voters. It will be much easier for a Teabagger to challenge him for the nomination. Based on what I've seen, the ultra-conservatives were never very impressed with McCrony in the first place - the evangelical types will stay away in droves from voting for him in the primary with these vetoes.

I'm convinced that McCrory is a professional opportunist without any coherent personal political beliefs or philosophy. He's always seemed to drift with the current winds. Honestly, if he looses the Governor's race next time around, he's set up nicely for a lobbying or consulting job with Duke Energy or other companies. I don't see a strong commitment for public service with McCrory - it's just a job and he's working on goosing his resume and LinkedIn page for the next big interview. If that Governor thing doesn't work out, he's got other potential employers to cuddle up to.

All this is true

except the primary part. No one of consequence will challenge Art Pope's Puppet in the primary.


How do you know that Pope isn't tired of his toy already and is looking for another?

All that can be true

and he can still veto these bills & make things better than they would be otherwise. I don't care why he does it - just that he does. I guess some people will see this as "short sighted" but my viewpoint comes from all my years of seeing the real impact of these laws on real people... I'm more willing than some to get an imperfect compromise rather than losing the whole enchildada.

Sure, he's a craven opportunist...

What 'politician' isn't? And I can see the Tea Party forcing him into a primary battle if he continues to exhibit balls. Koch money can buy more puppets than anyone. Just ask Toothy Thom.


So True

I just cringe when women are treated like we are ignorant...we know how it goes. We have always known for we have been the ones to pay the price!

Joni Hamrick