Letter to SEC Dem Sent 5/5/12

Just posted this to entire SEC two hours ago. By tomorrow, it will be a real storm. But, there was no information coming from anywhere, a complete vacuum. Hopefully this stimulates some inter-SEC dialogue before Saturday.

To SEC Members:

A Foolish Rush to Judgment about David Parker!

I have watched as the farce played out since last year, about the crucifixion of David Parker by people who appear incompetent or asleep including some high elected Democratic officials. I am a Democrat and NCDP SEC member vitally concerned for our Party.

There was a dust-up in the NCDP headquarters, a personnel issue, until someone got mad and fed newspapers lies. But worse, someone apparently fed some high officials the same lies or worse. These officials decided that David Parker, an honorable and capable man, had to go! Council of State, led by Elaine Marshall shot David Parker down publicly, followed by Governor Perdue. It was sold as “for the good of the Party in an election year when the President is coming”. Apparently there was no consideration that the whole thing might be lies.

There is a history why it was convenient to sabotage Parker. In 2009 David ticked off the folks who ran things, the “electeds”, as in Governor, Council of State and legislature members.

There are several Democratic Parties: (1) the Governor’s party, Council of State, (2) the electeds and legislators, (3) real people at grassroots. In 2005, we elected Jerry Meek Chair over the body of the Governor, ostensibly passing it to the people. There are also a clutch of consultants and contractors who have been leaching off the NDCP for years who are still there.

When lots of money came in from contributions (Democrats ruled everything-now Republicans do) party workers, pried the Tax Checkoff money from the hands of the Governor, electeds and others and gave a portion of it to the Districts to give to counties in 2010 to get out the vote. After 2010, regular contributions stopped flowing in to candidates and party, going instead to Republicans, Super PACs and other places. Some candidates and incumbents, perhaps like Marshall, who lost her Senate race, felt checkoff was their money. There was some legislative legerdemain by some well known people who tried to reverse things, but it did not work, thanks to David Parker, who helped the District Chairs (before he was Chair).

The Tax Checkoff money this year is potentially $1.3 million, and Marshall and her friends have their eyes on it. To do that, they have to get rid of Parker – and with the Convention coming to Charlotte, the spin, “We cannot do this to the President” provides a ready excuse for the suckers.

The papers reported Sallie Leslie, who ran Democratic HQ for some years, did not like changes that Parker and Jay Parmley, the new Executive Director, made, so she stirred up a fuss-in the media.

I think Elaine Marshall and the Council of State have may staged this show. The continuing throbbing theme across the state is that all these inside players are protecting the Party and the State in the face of hosting the Convention in Charlotte – so we must dump Parker. Oh, and by the way, remove any opposition to the upper crust taking the tax check off money away from the districts and counties. Sallie Leslie told the papers that Jay is a sexual predator! Wow, great shades of ACORN and Shirley Sharrod – indict them in the paper, on TV and throw them out immediately.

Something stinks! The Council of State and Elaine Marshall rushed to judgment either out of foolishness, or worse – who knows what roles the consultants played in this fiasco. On May 12, we need to place David Parker firmly and finally into the Chair and keep him there, for good. The electeds and meddlers can go stew. Times are tough and getting tougher. The people need to control the Party, not the Governor, not the Council of State and certainly not the legislators and lobbyists/contractors. We had that show for years and finally broke out of it. It is not likely most want to return to that mess. We took back the Party twice before, so it can be done if need be. There is immense party building to be done as quickly as possible, as opposed to campaigns. There is some sentiment that David must be guilty if all these fine politicians want to kill him off. They don't care about the real case, President Obama is coming and this might stain the carpet he walks on.

On May 12, help those who really care and let’s keep David Parker. If you send a proxy, give them specific instructions to go with the Parker faction. Seems the best that Marshall and the Council of State can do is Senator Don Vaughn, a long time member of ALEC, a Koch brothers funded legislative boiler room which was the instigator in major voter suppression legislation, “stand your ground” and concealed gun laws, attacks on unions of all types, taxpayer bill of rights and other far right states legislation. Vaughn worked for ALEC, he is at best a blue dog. But, Vaughn is now out of job thanks to redistricting. If Vaughn is the best they can do, perhaps they cannot do much of anything. Wonder what thoughts Dalton has about all this – we will find out on Wednesday perhaps. Stay tuned.

Keep David Parker as Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party on May 12! Do not accept any attempts at his resignation or disposal by anyone.

Bill Franklin
SEC Member, Alamance County
2nd Vice Chair, 6th Democratic Congressional District

William A. Franklin
806 Warwick Court
Burlington, NC 27215

Are we having fun yet?