LGBTs - Keep these links handy

While liberals and progressives might think that the NC legislature couldn't possibly bother with any more anti-gay hate legislation after the passage of Amendment One, I'm sure the Carolina Taliban has a few more ideas up their sleeve.

As we've seen, the NC legislature is following the lead of other extremist conservative states with Teabagger-style legislation, so expect NC residents to see bills introduced that promote bullying of gays or outlaws counseling in schools for LGBTs. Or, perhaps, the McPope administration will try to enforce the still on the books sodomy law, like Virginia's Attorney General.

Again, keep in mind that some of the extremist religious groups in NC that supported Amendment One have been involved with promoting Uganda's "kill the gays" legislation and the Amendment One effort received funding and support from national hate groups like Focus on the Family.

These people mean business and aren't going to be satisfied just outlawing gay marriage in the state.

Americablog has a post on discredited anti-gay "researcher" Paul Cameron. Cameron, kicked out of the American Psychological Association, has his work cited by the Religious Right in just about every debate on LGBTs. The post has links to several reports about specific problems with his research and associations with hate groups. Another one to keep handy is this overview of why states keep their sodomy laws in place. Bookmark the links - you'll need it when Raleigh starts turning its attention to gay bashing once again.


It is ridiculous that the NC-right interferes in Uganda. . .

. . . a sovereign country, going across the earth just to discriminate against a group of people. This is neo-colonialism, pure and simple. After all these years, the white man still wants to rule everyone else.

Shouldn't there be a law against Americans lobbying to kill...

...people in other countries? These American citizens are indeed the Taliban. They should have their assets frozen for crimes against humanity, attempted genocide, and manipulating the democratic process of another country.