Life or death: NC Supreme Court on trial today

Four Racial Justice Act cases under scrutiny:

This morning, the state supreme court will hear the cases of four defendants who were removed from death row under the state's racial justice act. The court will review whether the now repealed-act should apply to these defendants.

Experts say the state supreme court could come out with a narrowly tailored decision that would only affect those four people, or their decision could be broader and affect the more than 150 defendants who have filed motions for relief under the act.

It may be several days before the actual text of the arguments are made available, but we'll post them when we can.


Art Pope owns this court

and they will do his bidding. According to Mr. Pope, racism isn't a big deal and has no bearing on our justice system. The fact that more black people than white people are found guilty and given the death penalty is just the way it is. Has nothing to do with racism in law enforcement, racism among judges, racism among district attorneys, and among juries.

Which chief justice is he purchasing?

Apparently Mark Martin and Ola Mae Lewis are exhibiting some rare squabbling.

We suppose only one of them will get the mega-millions of dark money backing that results in banjo commercials that results in being elected chief justice.

Since Lewis's entry into the race was last-minute, one might assume that Art's money is on Martin. But one never knows.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Yeah, it's all just a coincidence

If you want to see the effects of racism in our justice system, all you have to do is sit in on a few sessions of criminal court. Hell, just sit in on a few sessions of traffic court. Reduced charges and prayer-for-judgments for whites, max punishment for blacks. It's not a constant, but it's frequent enough to be disturbing.