Lipstick on a Carteret County pig?

There's nothing like a good old fashioned sanctimonious politician patting him or herself on the back after trudging through a budget debate. In the end, there are the usual self congratulatory back slaps and comments while highlighting that the battle was worse than Iwo Jima.

North Carolina Republicans right-wing ideologues campaigned on pounding the state back into the 19th century and they followed through. In red Carteret County, Norm Sanderson didn't miss an opportunity to exalt his contribution(s). Quoted in the Carteret News Times, Sanderson made his case while emphasizing the trials and tribulations, necessary to move government completely backwards; "N.C. budget details entrails emerge"

“There was considerable differences in the House and Senate budgets, but I think we more than came back to the middle. It comes back to the art of compromise.”

On teacher pay and tenure, Sanderson attempted to brush off factual evidence in regard to the repercussions of his and others' like minded votes. Essentially it was "let's keep Oregon Inlet open" (which is not even in his district) but to hell with the teachers.

So the question remains. Will Carteret county voters continue (historically) to vote against their own best interests?



As a property owner in Carteret County, I've long been baffled by the short-sightedness and ignorance of the county's voting patterns. I even fired a realtor once for using his mailing list as a way to distribute right-wing talking points. I only wish I could fire him again.


but sad. I was down there awhile back and some of the comments that came out of people's mouths (unprovoked) from a business owner as well as several employees from a business I frequent were mind boggling.

"Obama will fix it so he can run for a third term"

And the best one while I was casuallly looking at some merchandise in a store:

"You know China is stockpiling gold so they can destroy our economy? We need to get him (I'm surprised she didn't say it) out of the White House."

I shook my head for three days straight afterwards.

The bigotry

Is astounding. Poor whites up in arms against poor blacks and Hispanics.

The art of compromise

The House wanted to pretend to give teachers a raise, whereas the Senate wanted to give them a seemingly larger raise but fire teacher assistants and kick old & blind people out in the street.

So they compromised by kicking teachers in the shins and telling the world that they gave the teachers pay raises when they really didn't.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014