Local Republican Bloggers Show True Colors

I'm sure most of you are (by now) aware of what happened to Joe Killian at the Palin Rally the other day, where he was kicked to the ground by an irate Palin supporter. Not only was this an attack on the 1st Amendment, it was an attack on a fellow blogger. You would think this would generate some sympathy, solidarity and possibly a modicum of outrage from all local bloggers (imagine how we would react if this happened to Justin or BJ or Ray), but unfortunately that's not the case. Some Greensboro bloggers have chosen the very low road on this, and I hope this stink follows them for a long time.

Here are a few examples of Republican compassion and understanding:

Jeffrey Sykes: "It made my day to read about Joe getting kicked in the leg at a Sarah Palin rally."

Sam Spagnola: "Sorry that Joe got kicked. I wasn't there to determine whether it was deserved."

While these comments are pretty disgusting, the behavior of Guilford County GOP Media Chair Tony Wilkins, who also blogs at Busy Being Born is by far the worst. I first caught a whiff of this particular stink when reading Mark Binker's account of the assault on Joe Killian:

Tony Wilkins: "There were at least four angry confrontations there today. Those four all involved what appeared to be college age kids. Much cursing. Much anger.
One group of young black students? were confrontational to the crowd leaving. The only part of what they were saying that I understood was "you white folks". I'm wondering if the Dems aren't in some respect giving their supporters license for this sort of crap.
I talked to the guy that dropped Killian to the ground. He said he didn't like the Pail porn post."

Okay, aside from trying to throw this back on "black students", Wilkins claims (bolding mine) to have spoken to the assailant after the attack and attributing a motive for said attack. Which generated this response from me at Ed Cone's place:

The Steve: "So...this wasn't a random event? The guy knew who he was assaulting, and did so because of something Joe had written in the past? And you didn't even consider turning this guy in to the police?

As a matter of fact...did you point Joe out to this guy? Sort of help this thing along a little bit there?"

Which earned me this:

Mick: "SCH - Pretty nasty accusation. Any facts? Or just bein a turd.

My response:

El Stevo: "By my reckoning, one of two things happened here: either Tony made up the part about talking to the guy, or he actually did talk to the guy.

As to the first possibility, that means he lied on Mark Binker's blog in an effort to draw attention to Joe Killian's Palin Porn post. I'm hoping that's what happened, frankly, because it makes Tony merely a jackass for trying to use someone else's plight for his own ends.

As to the second possibility, considering Tony's aggressive approach in trying to get Joe reprimanded/fired for the Palin Porn thing, I find it way too much of a coincidence that Tony would just happen to meet somebody at a rally who had just attacked someone that Tony has been crusading against recently, especially considering the relative obscurity of the source of Tony's anger.

It ain't rocket science."

See, apparently Tony Wilkins has been on a crusade to get Joe Killian fired from the N&R because he had the audacity to write a blog about an upcoming Larry Flynt production in which an actress portrays the Republican Vice Presidential nominee in a, um, "less than tasteful" light.

This outrage sent Tony Wilkins and a few others into a self-righteous tizzy, prompting him to complain to Killian's boss (in a blog comment, of course), and when that didn't result in the immediate dismissal of the apostate Killian, Wilkins decided to advise N&R advertisers of this moral degradation:

I’m going on the assumption that John Robinson approves of this post. I’m going to see if advertisers know their name is being associated with such. Advertisers or companies associated with advertisers reached from the post were Wesleyan Christian Academy, Time Warner Cable, Yost & Little, Leblon Steakhouse, Triad Internnet, Action Greensboro, Joseph M. Bryan Foundation, NC Biotechnology Center, Moses Cone Health Center, Tannenbaum-Sternberger Foundation, and the Weaver Foundation to name a few. If they’re okay with it I guess I’ll just shut up. I’ll post their responses or non responses.

Which finally explains why he would lie about meeting Killian's attacker, just so he could try to further his crusade against Killian about the porn post. After several people demanded Wilkins testify to the police about the man he supposedly met, he finally came out of hiding and made this weak statement:

I never assumed anyone would seriously think that I had witnessed the alleged assault and not assisted Joe.
Although we recently had a disagreement over one of his posts I certainly would have aided him if I had actually witnessed the alleged attack.
I didn't even see Joe Killian at the event.

Sorry, Tony. A lie is a lie, and no amount of weaseling will get you out of this one. If this is the way the Guilford County GOP operates, we need to really watch the polls this election season.


Classless liars = North Carolina Republicans

I wonder how it is they can look at themselves in the mirror while talking out one side of their mouth regarding being patriotic Americans while all the while lying, cheating, profiteering and sewing hate amongst neighbors?

Assholes. Hypocritical assholes.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

fascinating story

This is all very interesting. I was following that whole Palin Porn/Killian story and it is really interesting to see how all this could be related to the recent assault in some manner. It's crazy; particularly the lies.


Only the most deluded of us could doubt the necessity of this war. - John McCain

That was an incredible amount of bullshit

you just went through.

Guess what, tinkerbell? Hypocricy doesn't have a half-life. It doesn't degrade like your continued timeline.


Hypocritical asshole.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

I have no idea what really happened--

And I have not spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find out. But I did notice along the way that I could not find an "official" N&R story covering the alleged assault. I could only find blog accounts. I wondered why, because that seemed odd--but maybe I missed it, and/or maybe it's really not odd at all. (?)


Only the most deluded of us could doubt the necessity of this war. - John McCain

Sam, I don't want you to think

I'm being an elitist asshole for explaining this, but there are these things known as "time zones". See, the Earth takes 24 hours to complete its axial rotation, so in order to keep pace with that, clocks are set differently in different places... :) Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Thursday October 16, 2008 9:51 pm- The Killian assault story is picked up by the far left Daily Kos. The Kos story refers to a Mark Binker piece that hasn’t even been posted by Binker yet. Is the person who posted at Kos named funluvn1 Binker himself? If so, what does that say about his objectivity and possible motivations behind the Killian assault story?

Thursday October 16, 2008 - 9:56 pm - Mark Binker writes and posts an opinion piece for the N&R claiming that Killian was assaulted. The piece contains a link to Killians blog which is interesting because Killian’s piece is time stamped at 3:01 am on the 17th, four hours after Binker’s piece. Also interesting as mentioned before, Binker’s piece is time stamped five minutes after the Kos piece which refers to it. How is that possible and isn’t the timing interesting?

Funluvn's blog was posted at 9:51 p.m. Pacific Time (which Dailykos observes). That is 12:51 a.m. Eastern Time (here).

And frankly, your obsession with miscalculation of crowds is bordering on asylum rec-room babbling. To insinuate that a reporter being attacked is actually a diversion to draw attention away from an inaccurate crowd-size estimation? Dude. Seriously. Get help. Get back on your meds or get some new meds, because your synaptic shit ain't firin' right, if you know what I mean.

Just trying to help.

Blog whore


Doubts about Dole?

One Crazed Leader Short of a Beer Hall

I'm interested in why Sykes and Spagnola, et al, think kicking people is an applaudable part of public discourse.

Is it OK for me to chase down and kick, say, Sean Hannity?

Let's face it. Republicans can't openly use the n-word, so they've settled on the media as this year's substitute scapegoat. Muslims, too, of course, with the equating of terror with Islam. The GOP has been doing this since Nixon got his first look at George Wallace. It's what they do: Provide sanctuary for bigots.

When are these people just going to cut to the chase, buy their uniforms and take to the streets? They're just one crazed leader short of a beer hall.

That's the final analysis.

It's okay to kick someone if they make you angry. Great lesson to teach your children Republicans. Maybe people in a foreign country will see this and realize that physical violence is an okay way of responding to something you don't like in the United States.

"You could say, 'Look, is this guy, Laden, really the bad guy that's depicted?' Most of us have never heard of him before." John McCain, following Clinton's strikes on al Qaeda camps

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Hey - Joe Killian here, the

Hey - Joe Killian here, the guy who got kicked.

Just wanted to respond to Leigh's question about why there wasn't a news item about this in the N&R.

It may seem unusual, but to most reporters it makes sense. We don't make ourselves the story, if we can help it.

A rally attended by thousands of people happened at Elon and most of those people were polite and accommodating to me all day long. One jerk among the many decent people got angry and took it out on me. The story doesn't change to "reporter gets kicked" -- and no self respecting reporter would want it to.

I didn't make a big deal of it - didn't file a report, didn't insist that the cops track the guy down in the crowd of thousands and haul him off. I could have -- but that would have shifted the story and made a giant media spectacle of a small, unpleasant moment. Those who are now implying that I made the whole thing up or embellished it to serve my political agenda should ponder why I chose professionalism over sensationalism - but it doesn't seem they're going to. I tried to do what I hope all good reporters would do -- I took it as an unpleasant thing that happened to me at work and went about doing my job, filed my story and went home.

But...then I blogged about it.

The fact that I blogged about it (and that my colleague Mark Binker, who has a much better read blog, did also) got that part of the story picked up by national blogs and now it seems to be the only part of the day most people know or care about. It wasn't my intention to shift the focus that way -- I often blog about what happens behind the scenes at my job and this was just another of those entries.

I don't mind that people are discussing the whole thing -- they certainly should be. But I do hope people of all political persuasions will have the discussion respectfully. It's worth noting in this thread, where I expect there are a lot of liberal readers, that I've received a number of blog comments, e-mails and phone calls from Republicans who say they're sorry this happened, think it's terrible and want me to know that guy doesn't represent them or their party. One such e-mail was from the communications director of the NC Republican Party the morning after the rally.

Almost more offensive than the actual kick has been the insinuation from a number of bloggers that I either made this up (and got the minimum amount of mileage out of it by doing it the way I did, for some reason) or that I must have antagonized the guy, because that's what liberal media people do. As a journalist you sort of trade on your integrity and your professionalism. I handled the whole thing the way I did to try to safeguard that.

Thanks, Joe

And thanks for mentioning the Republicans who have spoken up condemning the attack. I used to be one, you know, and it really does pain me to see the disregard some of them have shown about what happened.


Thanks, Joe Killian

Yes, that does make total sense how a reporter wouldn't make himself the story. Thank you. Hope you're not sore anymore from the kick. :)


Only the most deluded of us could doubt the necessity of this war. - John McCain

Appreciate you stopping in, Joe

Thanks for the update. From your point of view, I understand what you are saying.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

I'm glad that Joe came by here.

I wasn't surprised that it didn't make the print edition of the paper, for the very reason he mentioned.

I'm disturbed that there are people who think that for some reason - for something he wrote - Joe had it coming to him.

What fascist bullshit.

Joe, I'm glad you're all right. All things considered, it could have been worse. Are you going to be pressing charges against the man who claims to be the one who assaulted you?


I don't have much in the way of expectations for the the SS (Sykes and Spag) at Ed Cone's blog, but even I was surprised by their casual acceptance of physical aggression in this case. Thinking back, though, I shouldn't have been. They bully others in their language every day.

Doubts about Dole?