Locker Room Follies (aka Friday Califorina Blogging)

John Ham over at the JLF blog is complaining about how the media is calling Bilbray's win over Busby in CA-50 a "squeaker" even though Clinton never won the US by a larger margin. You would expect a person with his brain in some gear besides neutral (or reverse) to consider differences between CA-50 and the US as a whole.

The district was gerrymandered to exclude the relatively liberal areas of La Jolla, Bird Rock, downtown La Jolla, and UCSD. Those areas were moved to the more-liberal 53rd District, and the more conservative community of Clairemont Mesa was added to the new 50th District. [Wikipedia]

For a Republican to just barely win a seat like that (and that only after the national party poured in nearly $5mil) is a shameful showing. Calling it a "squeaker" is being kind.



Man oh man, Lance, you must be awfully bored with studying for the bar exam to find yourself reading anything John Ham has to say. He's the lamest of all the Puppets by a wide margin, and that's faint praise.

I stop by the Schlocker Room every now and then but it's always so embarrasing I never want to comment. Sort of like watching outtakes from the Three Stooges.

I disagree

the CA-50 race simply proved how much work needs to be done to unite this party. The Republican turnout was so low that Busby would have walked away with it if only the Democrats had shown up.

Will conservative Dems turn out for a liberal candidate? Will liberal Dems turn out for a conservative?

We're in need of party unity like never before, but there's a struggle going on in the Democratic Party between, to use a local analogy, Larry Kissell Democrats and Heath Shuler Democrats.

Unless we show up. We will lose again.

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