Low-profile Burr may be a target?

Oh, puh-leeze, Rob! May be a target? Did you just wake up from an unnaturally long nap? Richard Burr is a target and while we will welcome outside money to help us elect a more effective senator, we don't know that we need it.

Low profile? Heh. That's just another way to say he hasn't done anything. He's ineffective. Trust me. We are living the results of his stint as a U.S. Senator. We know just how low profile ineffective he is.

From Christensen's piece:

Burr spent last week's Easter recess traveling across North Carolina, trying to raise his visibility.

On Wednesday, he slipped into a North Raleigh Rotary Club meeting with little fanfare and no entourage, and he gave a lunchtime speech with virtually no applause lines.

Instead, Burr delivered plenty of earnest policy-wonk talk about the “architecture of the financial institutions,” “infrastructure partnerships” and “a national insurance product.”

Little fanfare? You don't get fanfare when nobody knows who you are. No applause lines? In other words, nobody clapped. He loaded them down with a bunch of snore that only hard-core political types would want to hear.

Although Burr, a Winston- Salem resident, was well-received at the civic club, there is still a “Richard Who?” factor despite his more than four years in the Senate.

“I'm perplexed. I don't know that much about him,” Bill Bigger, a self-described independent in Raleigh, said after listening to Burr. “If you get around Winston-Salem, you know a lot about him; but if you live around here, you don't know him.”

Burr won for one reason only. He had an "R" by his name. He won because of George Bush. Now he faces running in a non-presidential year and his name recognition is so low he may not realize the benefits of incumbency.

Come on, Coop. Give us someone to work for.



"With the bull's-eye that organizations have put on North Carolina Republicans' backs, there is going to be more money spent in North Carolina than anybody can ever fathom in the next election cycle,” he says.

Excuse me?

No "organizations" have put the bull's eye on North Carolina Republicans' backs. North Carolina Republicans put it there themselves.


it's not some big conspiracy by left-leaning national groups. North Carolina Republicans have proven time and again that they are out of touch with mainstream America. They're also out of touch with reality....but that's post for another day.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Ineffective indeed....

Richard Burr is a nobody. What bills has he passed? What has he done for NC? NOTHING! Yeah, I would be "Low Profile" too if I hadn't done anything. There isn't anything worse than someone running their mouth off that hasn't done anything or STOOD UP FOR ANYTHING!

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!