LTE RE: Visit from Senator Dole's Representative

Here's my letter, submitted to the Jacksonville Daily News.


On August 8th, Jacksonville was visited by a representative from Senator Dole’s Eastern North Carolina office. The press release and a small, one day blurb in the Daily News noted that “Constituents can use the office hours to hold individual meetings to discuss their concerns with federal agencies, case work or issues pending before Congress.”

I thought, wrongly, that meant the representative would be able to answer questions. However, the representative, Ms. Janet Bradbury, who was quite polite, was not able to answer any questions. In fact, she didn’t even read my questions (being the entrepreneurial fellow I am, I printed off two copies). For the record, my questions were basic questions on the Senator’s positions on many of the political topics of the day.

I can live with waiting for Senator Dole’s staff in Washington (because that’s who would respond) to write me back with answers.

What I do not understand, however, is why Ms. Bradbury didn’t expect many people to visit with her. There are over 150,000 people in Onslow County. How could she not have realized that maybe more than 20 people would want to talk to her? (Of course, these same people probably would’ve expected answers, as I did, and would’ve been disappointed, as am I.)

My tax dollars paid for her to drive from Greenville to Jacksonville and probably meals for the day. She didn’t even read my questions and she didn’t think many people would show up.

The residents of Onslow County sought support and information from Senator Dole’s office. All we got was a head-bob and placed into the out-box.



Great letter, Thomas.

Keeping fighting the good fight Thomas!

Biddy Dole has been such a disappointment since day one! As a matter of fact....the whole republican party is a disappointment, imho.

Got an email from Mehlman from the RNC. Seems that the Republican's "strategy" of "fear - fear - keep us in office - because - fear - fear -we're the party of strength and fear - fear -we'll keep you safe!", is only being swallowed by a few republicans. (Like the adult, John Hood).

In their recent email, they lament Joe Momentum's defeat, which is even more proof that Joe had to go! I wish I knew how to get pics here, you would get a chuckle out of the "frightening" picture that came with their propaganda. It has Dean, Moulas( sp? from dailykos), Ned Lamont, Micheal Moore and John Murtha in it.....

Oh, just a note to Mr. Hood's staff, who he directs to read this every day (i suspect to see what truth REALLY looks like), I bet you're real proud of Mr. Hood's rant yesterday. Yeah, he's a real adult!

that picture is actually on frontpage momo

And it makes no sense.

Good work Thomas, I've never understood how people, Republicans, could give Edwards a hard time after they voted in Dole. Who perhaps is the worst Senator in NC history. Even Brrr is a "better" representative than she is, and thats not saying much at all.

Be just, and fear not.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.

The average American will recognize

Michael Moore and maybe Howard Dean...otherwise...they won't know who the hell those people are.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

anyone notice Dean's Hitler mustache?

Someone on the DNC today said if you blew the pic up, you can tell it's been drawn in....that and the famous finger waggle thing.....

That is so fucking wrong


The wrongosphere has been harping on the photoshopped Lebanon bombing pictures for two days now. Think they'll make a peep about Ken Mehlman turning the leader of the Democratic Party into Hitler?


Hypocritical war seekers.

Scrutiny Hooligans -


Original photo, from PBS NewsHour

First sighting of the touch-up was January 2004:
Howard Dean Goes Mad