Major announcement

I am pleased to announce nothing.
You can quote me on that.


Post some photos....

....of your childhood.

PS Checking out for awhile

Every now and then I find myself in such despair over the state of our state that I have to walk away for a bit. Lately that's been happening more often than is healthy. When you wake up every day and read the horrible news about what is going on around us and to us, it starts to take a toll on your well-being.

In the spirit of pure self-preservation, I'm going to take a break. Keep an eye on things for me, and don't let the spammers wear you out.


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It's better than DAG McCrony

He announces 3 new jobs while ignoring 3,000 job losses.

He announces that we're going to sell the wood pellets in his head to Europe,while ignoring a federal lawsuit and federal government shutdown that furloughs NC workers.

And then he announces the really stupid things he did decades ago and calls them Throwup Throwback Thursdays, but we realize that what he's doing today is WAY stupider (not sure if that's a word, but it makes the point)>

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014