Malone responds to Justice Department decision in Edwards case

Press Release from Charles Malone for Congress.

Former U.S. Attorney George Holding’s decision to charge former Senator John Edwards had nothing to do with public integrity, and everything to do with political opportunism, according to Charles Malone, Democratic candidate for North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District.

“The decision by the United States Justice Department to drop the charges against former Senator John Edwards calls to question the judgment of Mr. Holding in seeking indictments in this case. It is apparent now that Holding, while wanting government to cut to the bone otherwise, was willing to throw millions of the taxpayers’ money away to settle old political scores while attempting to enhance his own political career,” said Malone.

Within days of the indictment of Edwards, Holding declared his candidacy for Congress. He won the Republican primary, and Malone is his opponent in the general election in November.

Following nine days of deliberation, a jury found Edwards not guilty on one of six counts brought against him with evidence gathered by Holding. The jury deadlocked on five additional charges which were dismissed by Justice Department lawyers Wednesday.

“I am not defending John Edwards’ personal behavior, but asking why a case based on weak legal precedents with campaign finance reporting issues was not referred to Federal elections officials for final judgment,” Malone argued.

“It is clear Mr. Holding has political ambitions which may have propelled him to seek an indictment against a high profile North Carolinian to further his name identification and political career. It is well known that US attorneys under President Bush had to toe the political line or be replaced. This why the Edwards case was transferred to the eastern district, and did not originate in the middle district, which was headed by a district attorney the Bush folks could not rely upon” Malone stated.

“Holding has abused his power as a prosecutor and does not need to represent the people in any other public office,” he said.


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He's either a shameless political opportunist or a very lousy lawyer ... or probably both.

I think both...

Strange he has nothing to say about all this. Following the indictment and during the primary, George was all about bashing Democrats for corrput activities. Maybe Carter and the rest of the Holding camp are worried people will see his abuse of power if they respond.

Cut Spending Now!

Unless it is for furthering his own political career through "McCartyesque" prosecutions...This guy has no business holding another public office again! Let him stay with the family business at First Citizens Bank.

Holding's strengths are his weaknesses

I'm a Republican, don't agree with anything Malone probably represents...and still plan to vote for him, that's how much I loathe Holding. He misrepresented himself to his primary's voters, and its obvious that he's not particularly competent at anything except furthering his ambitions. His business-as-usual SuperPAC should be as much a noxious repellent to the voters as it is an effective way to bludgeon his opponents over the airwaves. His record as a "tough" prosecutor has been exposed to the public. 66% of Republican primary voters DIDN'T vote for him and a lot of Coble supporters (I'm not one of those, either) are enraged at the way he paralyzed Coble with that SuperPac of his. The fact that his banking family got him where he is now,and that he's an empty suit should play well...EXCEPT that the DNC probably won't see a golden opportunity for a pickup, and will probably leave Malone to fend for himself, funding-wise. Too bad.


Thanks for posting your comment. As you noted, I'm sure we disagree on lots of substantive issues. But one thing almost any responsible citizen can agree on is the danger to our democracy of today's aristocracy being bankrolled by SuperPacs.

I also agree with your comment about Holding's vulnerability. As I wrote earlier, he is either (1) an opportunistic political whore or (2) an incompetent attorney ... or more likely both. If Malone gets adequate funding, he could mop the floor with Holding's pedigrees.

Helping Malone

James is not far off. Washington does not need another cock-sure, far-right, rich lawyer. I am the polar opposite. While Mr. Holding is dining at the country club, I'm sweating it out giving out cards in front of Wal Mart.

Send a donation--whatever you can--via Actblue at my website below. Thank you.

Charles Malone