March voter registration month

March is Voter Registration Month. You're going to start hearing that more soon, and hopefully start repeating it. Why is March Voter Registration Month? Because the anti-voting law that passed year necessitates it. And because it is important to turn the energy of the Moral Movement into action around voting.

Now that Same Day Registration during early voting is gone, we have to get folks registered before early voting starts in April for the primary election. We don't have that safety net to fall back on, so we have to take action now.

High school voter registrations during March Voter Registration Month are important too. They repealed pre-registration for 16 and 17 year olds. But 18 year olds and those who will be 18 by the time of the November election can still get registered and vote in this coming election. And so it is important to get them registered before they graduate.

To get the brainstorming started about voter registration, I'd like to ask that folks share about their voter registration experiences. Where and how have you done it before? What ideas do you have for new areas to do it in? It's a nonpartisan activity that any group or anyone can participate in. So lets get creative!


A look back at March voter registration month

Nonpartisan registration drives happened all over the state, from high schools, to shelters, from churches to community colleges, at storefronts and so much more. Without Same Day Registration, it was important to start the push voter registration drives even earlier in the year.

Major props to all the League of Women Voters supporters, Delta Sigma Theta members, and Democracy NC volunteers, and other groups that helped make this happen! That said, it's not quite over yet, because you can still vote in the primary if you register by April 11th. So keep on registering!