Mark Meadows goes off the deep end

Amending the Constitution for imaginary threats:

“In a time when longstanding truths and traditions are being tested, we must safeguard the right of parents to direct their children’s upbringing and education,” Meadows said. “This amendment to our Constitution would ensure that these decisions are made not by faceless bureaucrats but by parents who love their children and know them best.” Constitutional lawyer and president Michael Farris agrees. “Traditionally, the Supreme Court has held that fit parents make decisions that are in their child’s best interests,” Farris said. “But that presumption is being eroded today in our courts and in U.N. conventions. More and more, judges are making decisions based on what they think is best for the child, rather than respecting the natural right of loving parents to make that call.”

The beginning of that quote should be, "In order to improve the upbringing and education of children, longstanding truths and traditions need to be continually tested." The fact that Mark Meadows wouldn't even be able to grasp half of my version means he is far from qualified to sit in that seat.


Sounds like he's firmly pro-choice

Ya know? All that "parental right stuff" ought to include deciding on whether to be a parent or not in the first place ... no?

You would think

Another funny thing, they harp on and on about the rights of something the size of a peanut, but chafe when the United Nations tries to give rights to real children. You know, like the right to be able to eat food more than a few times a week and not be sold into slavery by their parents.

For some people, progress is way too scary.

Throwing meat to evangelicals

For more information, try this article - conservative wing nuts have been pushing for this thing for a few years. It's similar to that whole conspiracy theory about the UN trying to take away everyone's guns.

The Detroit Free Press reported on April 30 that for much of the treaty’s 20-year history, opponents have claimed that it would ban parents from: spanking their children, directing their children’s church attendance and religious education, or stopping their daughters from having abortions. These claims have echoed across conservative media for years, despite the promises of supporters like Meg Gardinier, director of the Campaign for U.S. Ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, that no country that has signed the treaty has witnessed an encroachment on parental rights.

And we thought mentally disturbed John Bircher's afraid of fluoride in water taking away precious bodily fluids was a relic of the fifties...

Man-eating red-herring

Meadows either really believes this shit or is pandering to the fringe, making him just another embarrassment for the state of North Carolina.