Marriage on the ballot on both coasts and places in between

Several states have marriage on the ballot, several of these races are close, and it may be our first victory with marriage at the ballot box (not that civil rights should be voted on). The President has come out on the side of equality in each of these states, and Romney is supporting a federal marriage discrimination amendment. It's hard to imagine a starker difference.


Donating blood

I've been asked to donate blood multiple times, happens every time there is a natural disaster, but unfortunately an old homophobic policy that is lingering around since before I was born doesn't allow gay men to donate blood. Getting rid of laws that single out gays like DADT & DOMA are a start, but there are plenty of policies like this that will still be there. Hard to believe some people still put homophobia over saving lives. I'm in a 10 year monogamous relationship with my legally married husband with clean blood and test results to prove it, banning me and my husband from giving blood doesn't help anyone.