Marriage News Watch

It looks like some big news relating to marriage equality could come out next month based on what cases SCOTUS decides to take and what decisions they let stand. Check out this weeks Marriage News Watch for the details. Meanwhile the RNC is busy adding bigotry into their platform as the DNC adds marriage equality to theirs in Charlotte next week.

You can also check out my thoughts about being a delegate assuming I still am one. I'm heading up the the county courthouse in about 9 hours to find out if I have jury duty instead.

I was going to use next week to be a delegate, something I've spent a good bit of time and money on, and to host a meet and greet for House candidate Valarie Foushee at my apartment complex as Vice Chair of the Booker Creek precinct, but now I don't know if I will be or not.

The thing is, I've long wanted to do my civic duty of being a juror, and now that I might have the chance the timing couldn't be worse. It'll be interesting to see what happens when civic engagement and civic duty collide.


I would be thrilled to see

I would be thrilled to see Proposition 8 overturned... Next on the list, NC Amendment One. I will refrain from expounding on my personal feelings too much... but these "laws" are not only unconstitutional, they set a dangerous precedent for laws to be written based on religion... while our very nation is supposed to be built on separation of church and state.

Speaking of overturning discrimination

Here's another important reason to vote in this election, because this is where the fate of amendment 1, prop 8, and all the others like it will be decided, and 4 of them are in their mid to late 70s. The next 4 years will count for a lot.