Marriage news watch

In a continuing effort to share these whenever they mention NC, here is this week's Marriage News Watch. The politics of the marriage equality fight in New Jersey could prove interesting since it involves a 2016 potential presidential hopeful.

Here's more news on the latest efforts in NC:

Register your marriage license in N.C.

As we continue to expand the WE DO Campaign, we are adding a new action. On October 22nd, LGBT couples who are legally married are saying “We did!” by registering their marriage licenses at their local Register of Deeds Offices across North Carolina.


Activity in Charlotte

Gay marriage campaign to make stop in Charlotte Wednesday

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — An organization pushing for same-sex marriage equality across the state and across the South will continue their fall activism campaign this week in Charlotte.

The Campaign for Southern Equality has held several sit-ins and other demonstrations across the South. This fall, they have chosen to focus on their home state. Starting in August, the group made visits to Madison County, Forsyth County and Guilford County. At each stop, same-sex couples request marriage licenses from county clerks. The group says they are searching for a clerk who will stand on his or her convictions and defy state law banning marriage between same-sex couples.

Register your marriage?

I clicked on the link and poked around a bit, but I still don't quite get the concept behind registering your marriage at the local Register of Deeds office. Could someone enlighten me on this one? What does it do (or prove) exactly?