Martinez berates Legislature for meddling in local affairs

I was going to say something about a stopped clock, but that would be ungracious:

I understand cities, towns and counties are the creation of the General Assembly. Under the state constitution, municipalities can’t wipe their noses without legislative permission. Still, the degree of local meddling that’s emerging is beginning to resemble political score-settling, not prudent governmental self-restraint the GOP says its supports.

It's about time somebody from the right stepped up to point out this contradiction between (claimed) ideology and actions. But of course, Little Ricky just can't seem to take a stand on something without taking some pot-shots at progressives:

If Wake County voters persist in electing school board members intent on sacrificing academic quality for back-to-the-’90s social policy, that’s their business, not the General Assembly’s.

Right, because it's much better to implement back-to-the-'50s social policies that kept minority students segregated and unable to achieve more than a tiny fraction of the prosperity white students have waiting for them.