Martinez dances for the Puppetmaster

Little Ricky's strings are showing:

The nastiness surrounding the Wake County school board's move away from schools' economic diversity grows increasingly vile. It's also irrelevant.

Folks, the conversion to community-based schools is a done deal.

The state NAACP can file as many rant-laden complaints against the new majority as it pleases. Its national leaders can call for resignations. The Rev. William Barber can continue to sing to the heavens that the opponents of community-based schools will not be moved.

Fine. But neither will the new majority and their supporters.

Rick, while this may be true:

Debra Goldman, John Tedesco, Chris Malone and Deborah Prickett rode into office on the promise of ditching diversity-based student assignment. Lest we forget, each won by healthy margins.

"Lest we forget" also that Pope and Luddy spent some $38,000 for a direct-mail blitz and other propaganda to influence the barely 11% of voters who turned out for this election. You and others can rant all you want to about the "will of the people", but this is really about private money promoting private schools, and you know it.

The fact that you don't mention a word about your wife's employer's involvement in this controversy speaks volumes about your credibility and integrity as a journalist.

To the best of my knowledge, that is.


Wake County already has community-based schools

What is this new language I'm hearing from lil' Ricky?

"Community-based schools"

Is Wake County sending students to Buncombe County fer learnin'? No.

Is Wake County trucking kids on busses up to Virginia Episcopal five days a week? No.

Why is a school that's built and located in Wake County not a Wake County "community school?"

Somebody's defining "community" in some odd way.

Somebody's sheets are showing.