Martinez sez going to church is the answer

Guns don't kill people, evil does:

Who knows whether a pastor or parishioner might have provided the emotional and moral anchor Adam Lanza lacked? Who knows whether regular church attendance could have provided the spiritual bond and marital counseling that would have kept Lanza’s mother and father together and given him a more stable family structure where he felt secure and loved?

And who knows why the N&O continues to give column space to someone who will use whatever tool (in this case religion) to prop up flawed Conservative ideology? A balanced article would have included a warning that not all churches are positive reinforcers:

A day after Friday's shooting in Newtown, CT, where police said 20-year-old Adam Lanza killed his mother and then 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary, Westboro Baptist member Shirley Phelps-Roper posted a message on Twitter that the group would "sing praise to God for the glory of his work in executing his judgment."

Fellow member Margie Phelps, according to, tweeted "Westboro 'God hates Fags' Baptist Church is planning to picket at Sandy Hook, to praise 'God's judgment.'”

Westboro also released a video called "God Sent the Shooter," saying it is a "message for Connecticut."

Get it? Adam Lanza was merely doing God's work when he slaughtered those children. And as far as this "happiness" mumbo-jumbo:

Conversely, those who claim no religion scored the lowest on well-being measures. Gallup also reported this year that those who actively practice religious faith reported fewer bouts of worry and depression and had fewer daily negative thoughts.

That very well may be. Believing you have some higher power watching out for you is bound to take some of the stress off. But what happens when that belief is shattered or shaken? What happens when life, as it inevitably does, steps in and you lose your job, or a loved one succumbs to ailment or injury, or any number of other negative consequences?

Some recover, and some don't. Some keep their faith, and some lose it. And some from both groups deal with their problems by attaching blame to all sorts of factors. Or people who symbolize something or other. The bottom line is, religion is psychological. It requires that you believe in something in the absence of scientific proof.

Whether or not that is healthy is debatable. But we shouldn't even entertain the idea that those who don't believe in such things are unhealthy. Which I think is one of the messages Little Ricky is trying to convey in this piece.

And just an added note: It appears Adam and his mother both attended (Catholic) church, and he was also enrolled in the church's school for a brief time. But unlike Marinez, I won't try to attach any significance to this behavior.


Some god

I'm guessing the god reigning supreme over the churches Little Ricky most admires is the same god whose omnipotent presence enabled the murdering rampage to happen in the first place.

Nice work, god. You'll forgive me if I decline to partake of communion in your holy house.