Mary Newsom on Raleigh "small government" Republicans

You have to admire their chutzpah. Because it is gutsy to run for the General Assembly as a conservative who wants less intrusive government, and, once elected, flood the place with bills overriding local communities' power to manage their own affairs. It seems that for many elected officials, the part about intrusive government applies only to governments to which you, yourself, have not been elected.

Legislators have proposed so many bills to limit local control that planning advocates, and planners themselves, say they can't even keep up. "It's just become overwhelming," says Rodger Lentz, planning director for Wilson and a past president of the state's chapter of the American Planning Association. "We're getting a lot less local control and more central control."

Best line of the piece:

Want to see what happens when cities can't annex? Go visit Cleveland, or closer to home, Richmond. Apparently our honorables don't get out much. Or maybe they just want our cities to be more like Cleveland?


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