McCrory administration tries to deflect criticism over unemployment crisis

Shouting "Obamacare!" in a crowded unemployment line:

On Thursday, McCrory’s Deputy Communications Director Ryan Tronovitch shot back at Hagan in a written statement. It reads:

“Governor Pat McCrory is focused on providing real world solutions but unfortunately Senator Hagan is more focused on empty Washington rhetoric. As one of the Senators labeled with ‘Lie of the Year’ for her false claims about Obamacare, maybe she should focus on that debacle instead of speaking on the Senate floor with remarks high on partisan wrangling but lacking serious solutions. Name calling might be what Senator Hagan wants to focus on, but Governor McCrory remains focused on solutions-oriented approaches that will continue to improve economic opportunities for all North Carolinians.”

Really? You just did the equivalent of calling her a liar, and then you accuse her of name-calling? And since you felt the need to use the word "solutions" three times in this poorly thought-out retort, Senator Hagan is in the process of trying to solve a huge and painful crisis that was manufactured by Legislators and a Gubernatorial puppet who are only there to serve the needs of the few over the many. But please do keep up your sophomoric approach to messaging. It will make the job of removing you from office much easier.


Another DAG McCrory lie,

or (probably more likely) serious lack of understanding of the process:

“Us not extending [long-term] unemployment [benefits], we think, did have a major impact because some of the people who have been on unemployment for a long period of time actually then applied and accepted available jobs,” said McCrory.

Bolding mine. As long as you're drawing unemployment benefits, you have to (continually) apply for jobs. And if you don't accept a job offered to you from said applications, your benefits can be cut off. Which makes that entire statement from McCrory nothing but meme-produced bullshit.

Habitual liar

Pat continues to just make stuff up out of thin air.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Even Puppets...

...don't know the truth.

They're left twisting in the wind.

But they should have known it was gonna happen when they signed up to be a puppet.