McCrory: Airport bill, no compromise in sight

The NC Senate will convene in less than two hours (2:00 pm) Thursday.

Here is the latest scoop on the Charlotte Airport takeover from the Charlotte Observer:

Republican Gov. Pat McCrory said Thursday morning he doesn’t think there will be a compromise before 2 p.m. on who controls Charlotte Douglas Airport, despite his efforts to reach a deal.

McCrory, the former Charlotte mayor, was asked how he would have reacted if the General Assembly had moved to transfer the airport to an authority while he was mayor.

“It wouldn’t have occurred,” said McCrory, who spoke with media after a groundbreaking ceremony for the Lynx Blue Line extension. “In my 14 years (as mayor) we did everything we could to keep politics out of the airport.”


You can listen in on audio to the Senate as it debates the bill at


Republican math fail:

She said lawmakers are trying to entice the city to join a legislative study commission by offering the city two of the four House appointments on a 12-member study commission. That would give the city half of the appointments. In exchange, she said, the city would agree not to sue if the commission recommends an authority when it finishes its work next year.

Unless that study commission is substantially different from the proposed Authority, 2 out of 12 seats is not "half". It may be half of the House-appointed seats, but that doesn't amount to dry shit.

And something else this article fails to mention: since this is a "local" bill, Pat McCrory has no Veto option. It's good that he's concerned, but concern is the only thing he can bring to the table.

Charlotte Airport Bill SB81 has passed

The Charlotte Observer
BREAKING NEWS: Airport bill passes; CLT now in the hands of an authority. Watch for updates on

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