McCrory appoints Pope

Deputy Budget Director. reports as breaking news.

Pope says McCrory is the Budget Director, and he will be his Deputy.

Wow. We've been scrooged at Christmas.


Got this wrong

The truth is, what's actually happening is this: Pope appointed McCrory to be his puppet governor, and now the real levers of control are being revealed. McCrory works for Pope, always has, always will.

More to the point

Unless I'm missing something, Pope is successfully transferring most of the costs of running his Multimillion Dollar Opinion Manufacturing Machine to taxpayers.

Is Art Pope now a public servant, slopping at the public trough? Does Art Pope now work for us? How much are we paying the son of a bitch?

I'm expecting the NCDP to file a FOIA request for any and all of the communications between Art Pope and anybody in any government role in any capacity and then some. By this time next month, Art Pope won't be able to have a bowel movement without someone watching.

(Ewwwwww ... that is truly disgusting. Sorry.)

Just glad to see you are

Just glad to see you are still with us. When I saw it the first thing I thought your head had exploded.
Happy to see it didn't