McCrory camp coaches Chris Christie

Hoping he won't fall into the chasm of McCrory's refusal to release tax returns:

According to a draft "talking points" memo, the McCrory campaign wants to make sure Christie knows: "Pat McCrory's opponent is trying to distract from his record ... by demanding Pat release his personal income tax returns," the memo said. "The only taxes voters are concerned about are the ones Walter Dalton wants to increase on them if elected."

Unfortunately for Myers Park Pat, his out-of-state Tea-Party surrogate is already clearly on record in the area of candidates releasing their tax returns:

"I went back a number of years and released my tax returns and I release them every year after I file them, right after I file them, to the public in New Jersey so they can see them. And I think I think that's the right way to go, and that's what I would tell Gov. Romney to do. Now, he said he would release them in April. I hope he does. That's what I would advise him to do," Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) said on "Morning Joe" on Wednesday.

Considering the apparent huge ideological divide between these two on this subject, "Should McCrory release his tax returns?" should be the first question out of the mouths of reporters.

Don't be surprised if Chris Christie is rushed around and sequestered from the media during this visit. This is a bomb waiting to go off.


A couple of Twinkies...

....and Christie will be putty in Patt's hands...