McCrory pleased to 'step on toes'

McCrory Defends His Policies In Surprise Asheville Appearance.

I read this article and quickly concluded this man is so deluded I don't know where to start. McCrory's constant refrain of 'competition creates winners' leaves out the fact that it also creates 'losers.'

To have NC compete with other states on tax rates will only result in a race to the bottom. We lower our tax rates, and other states lower their tax rates. It is a race to zero. Who benefits from that? And I make no apologies about feeling that a corporation that does business in any locality DOES owe something to that community beyond jobs. They DO have to contribute to the common good, to education, to building highways and schools and the maintenance of public buildings and spaces. Yes, it is fair and right to have companies pay taxes.

I have never, ever met anyone, in all my years of living in North Carolina who moves out of state for six months and one day just to avoid paying taxes here. Only his rich friends can even afford to do that! Does he really think the average retail clerk moves twice a year? How about school teachers, grocers, farmers, accountants, doctors, dentists? There cannot be more than a handful of people doing this. Good Grief, Charlie Brown, get a grip! Yes, there are people who make all their life decisions based upon tax rates, and although noisy and loud, they are few and far between and certainly do not encompass your average Tar Heel worker.

He does not seem to know that this is a non-union state, or understand the difference between a union and an association. He accuses teachers of having a union that prevents salary change. If teachers are somehow trying to prevent salary change it’s because he wants them lowered, and for people who already work their butts off. As to competition between teachers and schools for funding and pay, there is now plenty of real evidence that having competition between components of a business does not enhance profits, but creates back-biting and sabotage between divisions that undermine the overall success of a corporation. Sears has tried competition between stores and it has almost destroyed them. Microsoft’s most recent CEO is credited with using a grading system for employees that was so bad employees actually started withholding ideas from their team to avoid being labeled ‘less productive.‘ Yes, that's how the system there worked. These failures do not bode well for transferring such programs to public needs.

It is so appropriate that Republicans in government are always touting the last great business idea and have no knowledge of how that idea is failing business. Profiteers have yet to realize that cutting salaries and cutting jobs may allow them to make their end of year profit margins so the big-wigs can earn their EOY bonus, but actually hurt their long term business prospects. The only real ‘job creators’ are a well-paid middle class that has money to spend beyond just the bare necessities of life. McCroy himself does not have an economics degree--by his own standards, he does not understand rebuilding economies.

Is it really the provence of colleges to create jobs? Or even to put people into jobs? We have come to see that having a college degree creates more opportunities for getting a job, but in the grand scheme of things, the purpose of college was to educate in a manner that broadened our horizons for life. That alone is a good business skill. Colleges were never intended to be vocational schools.

We have yet to hear exactly what ‘vocational skills’ he believes our people need. The fracking industry seems to have grown reluctant to start drilling in NC, so starting that Oil Rig Roustabout Vocational Program may be pre-mature. What specific skills are in short supply? And are they in short supply because the trained people are not there or because companies do not offer adequate pay for these skills? Many companies now offer third world salaries for developed world employees, who cannot afford to live with that level of pay. In addition, many companies no longer want to spend money to train employees; they want staff to arrive at the door ready to hit the ground running, already well-versed in a variety of skills, not just one. They do not want to invest in employees. That is not the fault of the state, the schools, or the people. It is corporate greed at work.

And finally, if he wants government to be run like a business he should recognize that no business in this world could get away with hiring an individual and telling them, right at the start, that you won’t get a pay raise for six years. Every business recognizes that the best and brightest would walk out of that interview and laugh on their way out the door. And yet, we tell new teachers that every year.

Yes. He’s stepping on toes, alright. But not because he’s on the right track. Because he’s on the wrong one.


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