McCrory, Pope lie about tax numbers

Since the News and Observer gave us Art Pope's op-ed singing the praises of his TeaBagger legislature's tax "reforms", let's give equal time to Chris Fitzsimon, the Executive Director of N.C. Policy Watch, with his op-ed from the Robesonian to bring some of Pope's rhetoric down to earth.

The N.C. Budget & Tax Center finds that most middle class and low-income families will pay more on average under the tax plan, but it’s easy to see why the folks on the Right feel obligated to distort the facts.

There’s no dispute that a millionaire will pay nearly $12,000 less under the tax change. That’s a hard sell.

The claim that most taxpayers are paying less is based on a study plagued by flawed methodology. rth Carolina.

The study uses an income level of up to $100,000 to determine the effect of tax changes on low and middle income families. But $100,000 is hardly middle income in North Carolina. Only the top 11 percent of taxpayers make that much. More than two-thirds of taxpayers earn less than $50,000.

The bottom line is that most families will pay higher taxes on average because of the changes made by the 2013 General Assembly and McCrory. Some corporations and most wealthy individuals will pay much less.

And it is not just the N.C. Budget & Tax Center that thinks so.

The staff of the Republican General Assembly does too, as an Associated Press story pointed out in December. A married couple with two children earning $20,000 a year will pay $262 more under the new tax plan while a married couple with two children that earns $250,000 will get a tax cut of $2,318.


Say it isn't so!

McPope lied? How can that possibly be so?

To be fair

McPope lies only when he's awake.

As far as we know.

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