McCrory's cleverly-worded abortion promise

Learning to deceive from the masters of deception:

But what's McCrory going to do if a controversial piece of abortion legislation shows up on his desk? He said he doesn't see the need for any abortion legislation and that, from conversations with Speaker of the House Thom Tillis and Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger, he doesn't see any coming.

If anybody out there is foolish enough to equate "doesn't see" with a "no" answer, they need a crash course in critical reading. First of all, "doesn't see" is a temporal classification, leaving flexibility for new data input. Secondly (and less technical), the phrase is a classic tool of the deceiver, and is most often used when they believe it will likely come in handy down the road. Like when a bill that's been cooling its heels in Committee finally gets the right combination of a supermajority and a GOP Governor:

AN ACT to establish licensure requirements and a licensing fee for abortion facilities and to establish penalties for abortion facilities that violate licensing REQUIREMENTS.

(c) The Secretary shall not issue a license to an applicant under this section unless the Secretary finds that the applicant is in compliance with this Part and any rules adopted under this Part, and that the facility for which the applicant is seeking licensure meets all of the following criteria:

(1) Is under the medical supervision of one or more physicians.

(2) Only allows physicians to perform surgical procedures at the facility who have privileges to perform surgical procedures and admit patients at a hospital located within a 15‑mile radius of the facility.

(3) Maintains adequate medical records for each patient.

That geographical restriction alone will have a profound impact on rural females, making me wonder (for the nth time) why rural communities seem to favor Republicans so much. And the term "adequate" in the records requirement leaves open a whole lot of potential subjectivity, were the DHHS being led by a Republican-appointed Director. And so would this entire section:

(a) The Department shall make or cause to be made any inspections and investigations it deems necessary to ensure compliance with this Part, but in no case less than four inspections of any licensed facility in a fiscal year. Information received by the Department through filed reports, inspections, or as otherwise authorized under this Part shall not be disclosed publicly in a manner that identifies individual patients, except to another State agency for the purpose of investigating professional or business practices in a licensed abortion facility.

(c) If an inspection of a facility subject to this Part discloses that the continued operation of the facility constitutes an imminent and serious risk to the health or safety of the patients it serves, the inspector is authorized to immediately close the facility.

And that's just what was left over from the 2011/2012 debacle. God knows what these clumsy oafs will put forward if given even more power.


Wool... meet eyes.

I don't know why anyone with a brain believes anything that comes out of a Republican's mouth anymore.