McCrory's hiding something

Pat McCrory is a big fan of Mitt Romney and thinks ol' Mitt is the right man to be our commander in chief. He truly does trust Romney's judgment. So I can't help wondering what McCrory thinks about the fact that Romney asked Paul Ryan, his running mate, for TEN FREAKING YEARS OF TAX RETURNS as part of his vetting process?

Do you know how many years of tax returns McCrory is sharing with we the people of North Carolina ... the very same people he wants to hire him to be our chief executive?

That number would be exactly zero. None. Nada. Zilch.

Pat McCrory believes the financial shell game he has been playing to run for governor for the past decade is none of your business. He thinks that if he stonewalls us for another two months, he'll get his wet dream come true.

And if the current patter of "nothing to see here" NC press coverage continues, he may very well get away with it.


What do you think McCrory is hiding?

Everyone already things McCrory's an opportunistic whore. The only real question is how much he charges to turn tricks.

And while we're on the topic of whores, will someone please file charges against McCrory for operating as an unregistered lobbyist?

Are you better off?

Mr. Romney, you have asked us whether or not we are better off than we were four years ago. (The answer for me is, yes.)

But I would like to ask you the same question:
Are you better off than you were four years ago?

Please confirm by showing me your tax returns for the years in question.

Release the tax returns!

Pat McCrory is better off too

He's been paid to run for governor by a big, fancy law firm ... raking in the dough. Millions of middle class North Carolinians are worse off because of failed Republican policies (i.e., war in Iraq, financial meltdown) but not Pat McCrory. He's doing just fine.

equality regained

2009--9000B income paid 11.06% tax rate---borrowed 1400B--are we nuts?
top 50% f 138,000,000 workers got 86.5% of the income--paid 12.5% tax rate(borrowed 1400B)
70,000,000 got 13.5% paid 1.85% tax rate..   no dough no pay
We continue to be stupid---an anti Christ Mormon proposes Tax Cuts like Bush which cost us debt of 2000B from 2001 to 2010-- and --1% got 37.6%--5%got 48.5%---20% got 68.5%----Bottom 60% got 16.4%.--
An anti-Christ Moron Mormon proposes:
"My first act wil be to defund Planned Parenthood"---anti Christ act---PP prevents more abortions than any unit--It provides health care services to millions of POOR women..Jesus type organization
:MY first act  will be to repeal Obamacare"--many presidents have failed to reform health care runaway costs
enriching the medical profession. Eliminate Medicare there will be fewer doctors remaining only for the Rich.
How can he repeal a law without approval of Congress??
Anti Christ Mormon in power means  enrich the rich ditch the rest outsource our industries as has been done since 1980 Let free market roll and Capital take all the wealth and Labor take the shaft.
Not a pretty past 30 years nor future 20 years unless we put Democrats in total power  to increase the median wage with minimum wages---health care--pensions--fair share of profits by workers. The middle class has retained a fair standard of living via Debt debt not from earnings as in the past.

Redistribution of wealth via tax code can be done as in 1945-1980 no one wil be hurt but 70,000,000 workers standArd of living will be improved


clarence swinney

inequality is bad for America

Since 1980. Tax Code. Reagan gave top 10% a 60% tax cut.
Bush huge tax cut was 37.6% to top 1% and 48.3% to top 5%.
Bottom 60% got 16.4%
10% own us------73% net wealth--83% financial wealth--get 50% individual income and 70,000,000 workers get 14% or less.
America is in big trouble. Off shoring job biggest problem. Entire Industries gone forever. Wall Streeters get richer.
What industry will save Alamance County.  Same in all 100 counties. Loss of mfg jobs.
No safety nets and what would happen?
We must go to 1945-1980 Tax. 50% on top incomes and estates. Raise minimum wage.
Demand fair wages and cut huge pay and bonuses for CEOs and staff.. a MUST.

clarence swinney

Inequality addendum

We rank #4 on Inequality in OECD nations

clarence swinney