Meanwhile, an investigation into Koch political money laundering

Some of you might know that our McCrory appointed budget director (and "behind the scenes" actual Governor) Art Pope is one of the big donors for the Koch Brothers's group of political action groups, including Americans for Prosperity. Pope is so embedded with the Koch's that he's been called the "third Koch brother".

Seems all is not happy in Koch-land these days. Sean Noble, one of the chief fundraisers for the Koch political empire, has been let go by the Scrooge Brothers. He's under investigation for money laundering political contributions according to the Huffington Post:

The importance of anonymity to some donors has increased since last fall’s elections when two California agencies began probing possible violations of a state election law by Noble’s center and two other nonprofits that also don’t disclose their donors. In California, the state's attorney general and its Fair Political Practices Commission have been looking into how the three nonprofits funneled $11 million to a small-business PAC in the state, which spent the funds on an unsuccessful drive to sway two ballot measures.

One ballot measure would have curbed union spending, while the other would have blocked a tax hike backed by the governor. Under California law, donors to state initiative campaigns are supposed to be fully disclosed, and the probe is seeking to ferret out the real source of the $11 million.

The inquiry has been heating up, with an increased focus on possible criminal wrongdoing, according to two people familiar with its progress, and could potentially lead to millions of dollars in civil penalties and criminal charges. In recent weeks, additional subpoenas have been issued and new cooperation has come from some witnesses, the two individuals said. Some of that cooperation seems to be “adverse” to Noble’s center and parts of the Koch donor network, according to one of the two sources.

There's more at the Daily Beast.

Hmm ... It always seems, at least to me, that someone so intent on keeping their political donations so secret probably has something to hide.

Perhaps Art "Moneybags" Pope would like to tell us where some of this money's been going, particularly if any has found its way into the pockets of NC legislators or key individuals in the McCrory administration.

Better to come clean now than wait for subpoenas to show up on your doorstep.