MEC Chair Jim Womack: My Opponents Are Whiny "Libtards"

NC Mining and Energy Commission Chair Jim Womack recently called his opponents "whiney [sic] libtards" during an exchange in the comments section of The Sanford Herald. As shown in this entry on The Rant, a Lee County blog, Womack has a long history of aggressive and questionable comments online. An Independent Weekly article recently showed that Womack ran an anonymous blog while he was a sitting county commissioner, and the Sanford Herald ran an article about a Womack email suggesting running the Lee County manager over with a tank.

Now, Womack heads the MEC, where his comments should be seen as even more questionable since he is the "face" of fracking in the state. This also brings up the question, can Womack be trusted with this responsibility if he cannot better control himself? Does he see anyone who disagrees with him as a "libtard?" And, of course, note the irony that these comments came as he complained about being made out to look like a bully. You really need to check out The Rant's full write up.


Cut from the same cloth as Goolsby

Arrogant and spiteful, completely forgetting he's supposed to be looking out for everybody, not just a handful of supporters.

Arrogant indeed

It never makes sense to try to get your point across by name calling. people on both sides are guilty of this.

It is really sad, actually and hopefully one day the nastiness will stop and we can get down to the nuts and bolts of what's really happening.


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