Message to NC Democratic Candidates

There are two types of political campaigns: There is the message campaign, which is less focused on winning and more involved in promoting a specific "message" to the public and then there is a winning campaign which takes a broad look at the variables, targets the voters needed to reach a "win" number and tailors a campaign around the needs of the constituents instead of attempting to morph the constituents to meet the needs of the candidate.

If you want to make headlines go for the message campaign. If you want to win be a statesman/woman. Listen to the people. Be flexible to change your tactics and approach to better serve the people and look at the big picture instead of being led by your ego or the echo chamber of your inner circle.

Campaigning is not about "you" the candidate, it is about the people.....It is also a science, a mathematical equation which the candidate must understand in order to win. Be genuine, have a message that will speak to your specific constituency, raise lots of money and for goodness sake.....know your numbers. You can't win if you don't have a goal.

If you cannot tell me your WIN number, your campaign strategy, your outreach goals, who your constituents are, how much money you need to raise or what your platform is and be able to articulate it in a reasonable manner..........I will not support you. Nor should you expect anyone else to support you. Your preparation, homework and planning is directly tied to your ability to run and manage a successful campaign. Don't ask me to invest in you if you cant sell me the bill of goods.

Democrats.....I love you. I love the party, the people and most of the time the message. I will not however get behind any campaign that is going to waste my time and resources. If we want to take back the state and make inroads on the local level we have to raise the bar and seek and expect quality over quantity. Just because someone knocks on the door and wants to be a candidate does not mean we should welcome them in and give them the keys to the house.

Earn my respect, earn our support. Earn my vote just like anyone else. Once you have convinced me that you know what you are doing and this journey is not about your dreams, but the people's hopes and desires.......Once you have presented a path to victory with reasonable goals and strategy.........And once you understand the math and science behind running a campaign, I will be on board.

I want to win. I don't need a cute picture on a glossy hand out. I don't need regurgitated talking points that you got from MSNBC or the Huffington Post. I don't want a pep rally void of substance and I don't want a candidate who is ill prepared and unable to articulate the real issues. Democrats.......Rise up. Do the work needed to win. If you put the time and effort into the campaign then we will have a chance of regaining the State. I will help, I will campaign and I will show up for you. But if you fail to do step A, B and C expecting to reach point D.....its game over!



In rereading this I hope the message of this blog comes through. It is not meant to be a deterrent, but as a motivational tool for those who may want to run, but have not done their homework. Campaigning is more than showing up. it involves a lot of homework.

Robert Kellogg

It's good advice

I wish I had read something like this before I started my short-lived campaign. The allure of a soapbox is strong, but in the end, it's only about winning the election.

Good advice.

A soapbox is ok

Nothing wrong with the soapbox as long as everything else is in order. If everything else is lined up the message will be more powerful and fall on more fertile soil!

Robert Kellogg

I was never that good at math. ;)

But you're right, winning a campaign is a lot more about crunching numbers than it is about your message or other subjective dynamics. If the numbers are against you, you better have an assload of money to throw into the race. And even then, it better be spent wisely or it will have been wasted.

Just a side note: I've heard/read a lot of people talk about campaign strategies and GOTV efforts, but none of them came close to Randy Voller's presentation at the PDNC get-together a few years ago. Regardless of where you stand on the NCDP fracture line, the man knows his stuff. Which is one big reason why I want this war to end, and soon.


I certainly hope at this point in the game all Democrats are united in their efforts to move forward and elect Democrats to public office. There will be time to evaluate his tenure if and when he decides to run again for Party Chair. Our actions now must be on the efforts of the group instead of the past actions of a single member.

Robert Kellogg