Misleading and disingenuous: Smithfield's lawyers push the boundaries in hog nuisance lawsuit

And NC State (knowingly or not) is complicit in the deception:

Anderson, representing Smithfield, had attempted to liken Kinlaw’s waste management system — flushing the barns with wastewater and emptying the manure and urine into open lagoons to be sprayed hundreds of feet in the air onto fields — to that at a research farm operated by NC State University off Lake Wheeler Road in Raleigh. Just three miles from the courthouse, Anderson argued, and yet people in downtown smelled nothing.

However, Rogers had visited that research farm as well, and conducted studies there. The only similarity is that both facilities are farms. The NC State faciliy has 1,000 hogs; Kinlaw has nearly 15,000. The NCSU farm uses clean water to flush the barns, sharply reducing the odors. The university farm, unlike Kinlaw, also removes solid particles that go into the lagoon, also reducing the odor, and has a different treatment system. “It’s not a fair comparison,” Rogers said.

Of course it's not a fair comparison. It's like apples and orange Crayons, only eating the Crayons probably wouldn't ruin your life or tank your property values. And while I realize this is civil court, where there's more leeway for rhetorical ad-hominem attacks, this particular dog-whistle should have been snatched out of their hands by the judge:

In his opening statement, Anderson did acknowledge that hog farms smell. “Of course there are odors,” he said. But other people live near the farm — some have built new homes there — without incident.

Anderson tried to discredit the plaintiffs’ attorneys and witnesses, using code words like “community organizers” and “out of state people with agendas,” in an apparent attempt to appeal to any jurors’ sense of tribalism. “They are here because of other people’s agendas,” Anderson told the jury, referring to the plaintiffs. Later, he added: “There was harmony before the outside people came in.”

"Out of state people with agendas"? Dude, Smithfield is owned by Chinese conglomerate WH Group. It doesn't get much farther "out of state" than that, unless there's a corporation headquartered on the Moon of which I'm not aware.



I kinda love Google images...

I typed in "cartoon pig lawyer" (don't ask me why, that way lies madness) and this guy was at the top. Some pig lawyers are more equal than others.