Monday Morning Open Thread

Filing for local office opens at 8:00 a.m. this morning and my mother decided she was doing it first thing. Then we decided at the last minute we would invite family and friends for coffee before and after filing at this new little local coffee shop. Then we decided to open the invitation up. Now, I'm dragging my fanny to Charlotte waaaaay too early.

Only for my dear mother.

I will be gone most of today and James is heading up to Maryland at some point. This is your nice clean open thread to tell us what you did over your weekend...or just chat about any old thing.

Have at it.



I won't be back until this evening.

Y'all play nice.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Next up, Morning Insanity

These people never learn.

Dateline...July 2009...Let's start an investment bank after the collapse of modern finance.

Who is allowing this craziness? And what do people STILL not understand about the hell the repeal of Glass-Steagall unleashed? We're letting it happen again, folks.

What does State Treasurer (and progressive?) Janet Cowell have to say about this?

Did McClatchy-NC ask? Well at they added this

Wachovia's corporate and investment bank was a source of major losses in the credit crunch that began in 2007

Good grief. Double-dip recession anyone?


Local elections

I wonder what we can do to keep track of BlueNC-"friendly" local candidates? Maybe we should have one day a week featuring some local government candidate, and allow them to address the BlueNC crowd (and, I'm sure, tout their local Paypal/ActBlue/etc donation account). Just want to do as much as we can to support the local folks since A) they do the real work and B) they are the ones who run for state legislature

That sounds like a great idea

That sounds like a great idea Phillip! A much needed spotlight on favorable candidates.

Voter Owned Candidates

I mentioned a few candidates that I'll be watching this municipal election season here:

More info here:

Mark Kleinschmidt for Mayor

Penny Rich for Chapel Hill Town Counci

Here is a campaign I just recently heard about & don't know all that much about yet for town council in Raleigh:

Filed for Council re-election.

I thought I'd let folks know that I filed today for re-election to the Winston-Salem City Council.

It should be a lively campaign season here. The local Republican activists are stirred up after losing their shirts in the national and state elections last year. The Forsyth County Republican Party is now chaired by one of their more extreme figures, Nathan Tabor, who ran to the right of both Virginia Foxx and Vernon Robinson in the 2004 Republican 5th District Congressional primary.

Tabor and his GOP have succeeded in recruiting several candidates already, including a young Republican lawyer named Ted Shipley who is running for my seat. According to his law firm's website, Mr. Shipley's top experience item is "Defending financial institutions and other creditors in lawsuits for alleged violations of federal and state consumer protection laws."

The fun is about to begin.

Dan Besse

Tabor. Ugh.

You have more wisdom and insight about government in your little finger than he does in his whole reactionary body.

Thanks for letting us know you plans. Best of luck, Dan!


Sorry I didn't make it to the coffee. I'll explain later. I wanted to so I could meet your Mom, but I'll make it to some event soon. Good luck, and let me know if there is anything I can do for the campaign.

Sweet Union Dem