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SCHUMER HAS 'SOME DOUBTS' ABOUT SENATE INTELLIGENCE CHAIR BURR (NBC News) -- — Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said Sunday morning that he has "some doubts about" Richard Burr, the North Carolina Republican senator and chairman of the Senate's Select Committee on Intelligence, which is looking into Russia's attempts to influence the last election. Burr "first denied that they should even investigate," Schumer charged during an exclusive interview on NBC's "Meet The Press." Schumer also responded to Trump's series of tweets on Saturday that alleged President Obama ordered a wiretap of communications at Trump Tower before the election. The suggestion was "beneath the dignity of the presidency," Schumer said. "It is something that really hurts people's view of government. It's 'civilization-warping,' as Ben Sasse, a conservative Republican, called it. And I don't know of any president, Democrat or Republican in the past, who has done this. It shows this president doesn't know how to conduct himself."

HUNDREDS OF MARINES INVESTIGATED FOR SHARING PHOTOS OF NAKED COLLEAGUES (Center for Investigative Reporting/The War Horse) -- The U.S. Department of Defense is investigating hundreds of Marines who used social media to solicit and share hundreds — possibly thousands — of naked photographs of women service members and veterans. Since Jan. 30, more than two dozen women – many on active duty, including officers and enlisted service members – have been identified by their rank, full name and military duty station in photographs posted and linked to from a private Facebook page. In one instance, a woman corporal in uniform was followed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina by a fellow Marine, who surreptitiously photographed her as she picked up her gear. Those photographs were posted online in the Facebook group “Marines United,” which has nearly 30,000 followers, drawing dozens of obscene comments.

EX-SECT MEMBERS TELL AP: PROSECUTORS OBSTRUCTED ABUSE CASES (AP) -- At least a half-dozen times over two decades, authorities investigated reports that members of a secretive evangelical church were being beaten. And every time, according to former congregants, the orders came down from church leaders: They must lie to protect the sect. Among the members of the Word of Faith Fellowship who coached congregants and their children on what to say to investigators were two assistant district attorneys and a veteran social worker, the ex-followers said.

BERGER TALKS, AND DOLLARS AMPLIFY THE MIC (Raleigh News & Observer) -- Phil Berger, president pro-tem of the state Senate, leader of the Republicans and a skilled parliamentarian, is an affable fellow to be sure. But Berger’s popularity among his colleagues in the Republican caucus is likely boosted a bit by the fact that he in effect controlled a couple of million bucks in campaign money that came through a new committee set up in 2015. That committee, called the N.C. Republican Senatorial Committee, was set up under a 2015 law that allowed it to accept and distribute unlimited donations for campaigns.

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