Monsters, Inc.

Last night while watching the Disney/Pixar animated movie Monsters,Inc., I had an epiphany. The parallels between the animated corporation Monsters,Inc., which used fear to power their city, and the new Republican dominated NC General Assembly, are unmistakable.

The Republican party of NC used fear, religion, homophobia, and ignorance to gain power in our state. With the help of Art Pope's money, a barrage of misinformation, lies, and right wing propaganda, they were able to attain a majority in both houses in 2010 and install an easily manipulated stooge in the governor's mansion in 2012.

Now it's become to clear that their mission is to retain that power through gerrymandering and inflict as much pain on the citizens of this state as humanly possible, all the while setting our state economy and social progress on a backwards spiral.

Conservatives on the national stage are pleading that the GOP must stop being the party of stupid, that's falling on the deaf ears of the true believers in the NCGA. Instead of working on legislation that would benefit the state's economy, they seem hell bent on shrinking it. Instead of tackling the problem of persistent high unemployment, they attack the unemployed. Instead of insuring that our poor, elderly, mentally ill, and disadvantaged have access to affordable health care, they undermine the system that is there to support them.

We have no one to blame but ourselves. Registered Democrats far out number Republicans in NC and that means, either many Dems voted against their own party, or they didn't vote at all.

The next generation will pay dearly for our passivity. Now we are stuck with a band of cartoonish, ambitious, narcissistic, and morally bankrupt politicians who believe that good governance is fratricide.



I'm new to this and don't know all the players in the hunt for the next party chairman. From my perspective we need someone who can convey our ideas, which should be easy because conservative ideas suck. We need someone who would appeal to the old and the young. Lastly we need a man or a woman that can get angry, mad dog angry. An intellectual street fighter because the NC GOP leadership is comprised of nasty pieces of shit and think they own the world of smash mouth politics. I'm an old school Democrat, you smash me in the mouth, I kick you in the nuts. We need someone who is a master of Rochambeau.

David Esmay


Well said.

I had to look up Rochambeau

I take it that South Park gave us that one. No?