Moral Monday: The coin toss of justice

Last week, five Moral Monday defendants had cases dismissed by the same judge who found hundreds of others guilty of the exact same charges, including yours truly.

Last week, Judge Joyce Hamilton dismissed five cases citing a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down a Massachusetts law allowing wide protest-free buffer zones around abortion clinics.

Hamilton, the Wake County district court judge appointed to handle hundreds of arrest cases from General Assembly demonstrations in 2013, added that, given the June Supreme Court decision, she might have ruled inaccurately at previous trials.

Might have? Seriously? Judge Hamilton spent all of three seconds deciding that We were guilty of the trespass charges at our trial earlier this year. Only time will tell whether North Carolina's justice system, like the legislature and governor's office, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Art Pope.


The discontinuity is alarming

Hopefully they will decide to vacate(?) the previous guilty verdicts, but the hit-or-miss approach to these cases leaves me much less confident in our court system. It seems like it has more to do with the "mood" of the judge on any particular day than the facts of the cases.