Moral Monday prep: introducing Women AdvaNCe

Speaking out against the absurdities of the conservatives' war on women:

Birth control is one of those battles women in America thought they had won. We thought there was widespread agreement that ensuring women have the ability to prevent unwanted pregnancies was in the best interest of the country, families, women and children. Legislators in North Carolina considered a bill that would have given employers the option not to provide coverage for birth control in their insurance plans if such coverage is “contrary to the employer’s religious tenets.” After some debate, that language was removed from House Bill 730 (which still includes a lot of provisions that would severely restrict women’s access to reproductive care).

If birth control is "contrary to the employer's religious tenets", I have a hunch that women actually working outside the home is also "contrary" to their beliefs. And for lawmakers to even attempt to placate such 19th Century misogynistic attitudes proves they are beyond redemption as public servants. Here's more about this new voice for women:

Women AdvaNCe is an independent nonpartisan educational institute dedicated to improving the lives of North Carolina’s women and families by providing education and encouraging constructive public dialogue about progressive ideas and public policy initiatives.

To achieve that goal, Women AdvaNCe provides research, information and training to:
◾Educate emerging women public leaders who have a firm commitment to reproductive health choices, empowering them to become powerful leaders who are effective in the democratic process.
◾Impact the quantity and quality of media coverage of women’s issues; shape the debate on NC issues critical to women and their families; and, subsequently amplify the effect on a National level
◾Develop bold new initiatives to benefit and support North Carolina’s women and their families
◾Empower citizens to become better civic leaders and more informed voters by providing education and opportunities for public dialogue.
◾Draw attention to regressive policies that are aimed at limiting women’s rights and negatively impacting their families.

If you're in Raleigh for the upcoming Moral Monday, say hello to these brave women, because they'll be there too. And consider throwing a few dollars their way to help that voice become louder.


If you're worried about

the energy level of this organization, worry no more. Tori Taylor is part of their communication team, and the only thing that could compete with her energy level is cold fusion. Which is still on the drawing board, so that just leaves Tori. ;)