More evidence of DAG McCrory's incompetence

It must be difficult to find so many people unsuited for their new jobs:

Randy H. Dishong was hired Monday as chief enforcer of the state’s car inspection and registration laws. The next day, he had to take care of an inspection and registration problem with his own car. DOT and DMV officials did not respond to requests for comment about Dishong’s fitness to oversee state enforcement of car registration laws. Beaty said the agency would not provide details about his car, including how long ago the registration had expired.

Again, vetting. I'm sure many Republicans will look at this and say, "No big deal." And in doing so, they will fail to grasp the larger point: how can you expect performance and efficiencies from an administration that keeps making such poor selections for leadership posts?


re Blueprint memo

While some of the terminology may have come across as overly aggressive, the overall message itself is valid and necessary.

The Republicans are doing real damage to the state. They're inflicting punishment on those who can least defend themselves politically, and have so far quashed any attempts by Democratic Legislators to soften the blows. All we can do, and what we must do, is bear witness to the madness.

Here's a clue: Republicans may act like these words are merely irritating, or an unfair representation of what they're doing. But that casual disregard is masking a deeper fear, the fear that the voting public will begin sitting up and paying attention. Under that scrutiny, their tired rhetoric will be recognized for what it is: a smokescreen.

re Mark Meadows "pay cut" bullshit

Just caught this on Twitter a few minutes ago:

RepMarkMeadows 11:22am via web @CNN asked if I was willing to take a pay cut. I said yes. We’re all in this together. Read more: #NC11 #NCPol

Yeah, see, that might be more impressive if you weren't already a multi-millionaire. And as far as being "in this together", I doubt those folks who were foreclosed upon so you could flip their properties would appreciate the misdirecting sentiment:

Foreclosures, Foreclosures, Foreclosures. Everyone wants to buy foreclosures!! To be sure, there are many great deals out there in bank owned properties. The larger banks typically package them up for bigger asset purchases but more recently have let them go to auction companies for disposal.

Check public records for original mortgage amounts and offer amounts at 60 to 70 percent of the anticipated remaining loan amount. Many times banks, (especially ones that have real asset managers that will talk to their customers), will negotiate a little harder to keep expenses lower and not allow the property to enter the foreclosure notice process. It saves the bank money and generally lets you get a higher quality property for thousands of dollars cheaper than you might get if the bank were to bid the face amount of their loan at the courthouse.

In other words, if you're clever enough, you might be able to buy somebody's home out from under them before the damn house even gets foreclosed on.

Guh. I need to wash my hands after typing this. And my eyes. It'd probably be easier to just get one of those Andromeda Strain decontamination procedures...

Check out the Harnett Dispatch

It contains some interesting articles about unbelievable acts of two of the Republican County Commissioners that some citizens have banded together to bring to light upon. There is also a letter from Attorney Tony Buzzard to Commissioner House that is an all time classic and a must read.
Even more interestingly under the February Archives section there is a letter from Lewis Bell a former GOP Officer regarding the treatment he received from Dan Moody, who works for the NC Courts and Erica Galleion who is on staff for Governor McCory in his office of constitute affairs. The allegations are disturbing.