More GOP economic idiocy

Just caught this Tweet from Andy Dulin, earning him another front-page flogging:

Andy Dulin Fyi, gas is $3.14 in Lancaster,SC. Less tax = more spending.

FYI Andy: If you're going to tout a city (or state) for doing something you think is economically sound, don't pick one that ranks #1 as the most unsound in the country:

Lancaster, S.C., was the weakest performer on our list. The area, which is home to 73,000 people, is nearly 20 miles from Highway 77, the thoroughfare that connects Columbia, S.C., and Charlotte, N.C. In August, the unemployment rate was 12.2%, a stark contrast to the national rate, which is 6.1%. The list average was 6.4%.

Lancaster's other weaknesses were poverty and education. About 20% of residents live at or below the poverty line, compared to a national rate of 13%. Only 18.6% of the workforce has an associate's degree or higher, while the list average was 25%.

Granted, this list was compiled in 2008, but those poverty and education numbers reflect generations of struggle combined with neglect from state government.

Definitely not the "poster town" for lower taxes.


Unless poverty and stupidity are part of your governing agenda

Republicans have a vested political and economic interest in people being uneducated, uninformed, poor, and afraid. It makes perfect sense that this asshat would celebrate a county scraping the bottom of so many barrels.