More job stifling from DAG McCrory

If something works, break it:

Republican Gov. Pat McCrory’s proposed budget calls for cutting funds for the BioAgriculture Center at Robeson Community College, a move that could stymie agricultural programs focusing on workforce development, job creation and business recruitment — and eliminate existing jobs. The budget proposed by the governor eliminates about $600,000 for the North Carolina Community College BioNetwork’s Mobile Launch Pad for Careers — which is not administered through the center at RCC — and the BioAgriculture Center on RCC’s campus. Built in 2004, the BioAgriculture Center is one of seven centers statewide that make up the North Carolina Community College BioNetwork, a network of centers that focus on biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and industries related to the life sciences.

I think the key word is that last one: "sciences". Forget about all the success our community college network has had in forming a bridge between education and entrepreneurship, between public and private innovation and job growth. If you're not putting taxpayer money directly into the pockets of businessmen, you're wasting time and encouraging intellectual meddling. The GOP crazy train is stuck in reverse, and building up speed.


Break it

I was just posting a clip from the Melissa Harris-Perry show in another blog entry, but I probably could have just as easily posted it here. It was about voting rights. And a spokesperson for the Advancement Project had said NC was rated as one of the better states in the region on voting rights, and Melissa was asking sort of confused that, well if it's working, why are they trying to break it?

You can't make a

(free-market-fundamentalist-fantasy-theme-park) omelet without breaking some eggs.