More than one way to skin a cat

Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina has circumnavigated the Republicans' budget maneuver that cut their state funding for family planning. See this good N&O story.

Thanks to a federal government that still cares about women's reproductive rights, PPCNC will be able to keep its Durham clinic open and provide care for even more women than before.

Title X family planning money, originally supported by good Republicans (remember them?), is under the gun though, which is all the more reason to make sure it's not a Mitt White House come January 2013.

What a hypocrite! Mitt asked for Planned Parenthood's endorsement when he ran for governor in MA, and now he says he wants to get rid of them and Title X, too.

Back to the Dark Ages, or at least the 1950s.


Republican reaction

“It’s indicative of the federal government playing politics with taxpayer money,” Dollar said. “… The fact that Planned Parenthood has been given additional money from the Obama administration sort of fits with the politics of the administration.”

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That's what Nelson Dollar said when he was asked about this.

I'd have to agree with him - this does fit with the politics - and values - of the Obama administration: make health care more available and accessible to those who need it.

What a tool

Show me elected officials that don't play politics with taxpayer money and I'll show you a bunch of dead Republicans.


"What a tool" is exactly what I said to myself when I read the article.