More of Pat's customer service: Crime victims' personal information exposed

WRAL reports that thousands of crime victims had their personal information potentially exposed on the DPS web site for years.

North Carolina Department of Public Safety officials scrambled Thursday to take down a website that included the names and personal information of thousands of crime victims, including rape victims, who had applied for financial assistance from the state.

State officials say it's unlikely that anyone actually accessed the site, but if anyone did, well, it was chock-full of personal information.

WRAL News was able to read the commission's upcoming June 18 agenda, which includes Carmichael's recommendations for which victims should be approved or denied money. As of Thursday, Carmichael had recommended that five victims get compensation, totaling more than $70,000, and that 15 people be denied. The victims' names, case numbers and recommended award amounts were included on the agenda.

Another section of the website allowed users to search for crime victims' cases by date or specifically for those who applied for the rape victim assistance fund.


Surely this is an anomaly, right?

From the cited article:

This is not the first time the agency has revealed personal information about victims.

Last month, during a public meeting, members of the Crime Victims Compensation Commission openly discussed cases using victims' first and last names and talked about personal details, including whether certain victims had been involved with drugs. A reporter and a member of the public were present during the open meeting.

Nothing like being victimized twice.

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