More proof that charters are resegregating NC classrooms

And more embarrassing national media exposure:

The most recent cautionary tale comes from North Carolina, where professors at Duke have traced a troubling trend of resegregation since the first charters opened in 1997. They contend that North Carolina’s charter schools have become a way for white parents to secede from the public school system, as they once did to escape racial integration orders.

“They appear pretty clearly to be a way for white students to get out of more racially integrated schools,” said economics professor Helen Ladd, one of the authors of the draft report released Monday.

The sad and frustrating thing is, Republicans in the General Assembly probably think that's a legitimate desire for white parents to have, and the government should actually help them to achieve it.



More proof that NC should be embarrassed ...

This article has been the most shared article today from the Washington Post.

And, yes, with Republicans resegregation is a feature, not a bug, of charter schools.

Of course they would never

admit that about resegregation. Which goes along with their new state slogan, "To Seem Rather Than To Be." But I would add my own slogan to the mix:

"You are what you do."

When you institute policies without making sure they aren't misused, you are inviting a regression to previous behaviors that were discriminatory in nature.